a new baby blanket and Ishbel 2.1

Hi everyone!

Long time no see! Not much going on here actually, I am just mainly working an studying. It’s been extremely warm here lately, so I’ve also taken a chance to travel a bit around during the weekeneds and search for a more comfortable temperature.

Knit/crochet-wise, I have finally started working again on some projects. First, I have started a baby blanket which is a custom order due in october. It’s a solid colour blanket… I am not sure I am liking the outcome so far though. What do you think? It’s not that I don’t like it… i was just feeling like trying some new granny square patterns, but we already had selected a solid colour yarn, so i’ll have to go with it. Pattern is Greta’s Blankie 🙂


Moreover, I was feeling like knitting lately, so i decided to give a third try at the Ishbel pattern, by Ysolda Teague. I have frogged the one I had made a while back, cause it turned out to be too small (see this post) and my cat had destroyed part of it, and i have started it all over. i have now picked the bigger size and i have finished the first lace pattern repeat.

It’s a bit hard to photograph cause it is curling a bit, but here is a picture I took some days ago. In the meantime i already came to the orange/brown shade. i love love love self striping yarn!

Foto 11-08-13 10 59 14



I am planning to go buying some new colourful yarn soon. I actually can’t wait for the cold season to start crocheting regularly again! I hope to get new custom orders in soon, they are my fave ones, it’s a nice feeling when you can make a customer happy 🙂

baby blanket “try again”

A friend of mine asked me to make him a baby blanket, since one of his best friends is having a baby soon.

I had a lot of grey wool, so i decided to go for an easy patter with a nice texture. I usually make very colourful blankets cause i am a colour freak and I secretly wish i could keep them all for myself (lol), so this time I though I’d go out of my comfort zone and try something classy 🙂


First of all, I decided it would be a knit blanket, to do something different from the usual 🙂 I started knitting on one of the fist warm and sunny days in may and I chose the seed stitch, which gave a nicely textured yet “squishy” effect.

I had to put the project by side for a couple of weeks though, cause I was busy studying for my PhD defensio. The nigh before the big day I started working on it again so I could relax a bit… I ended up knitting some 25 cm of it in total… It was looking so nice!


BUT the day after I woke up to a not-so-nice surprise… Sissi, my devilish kitty and actually the *real* craftykitty, had managed to open the sealed bag I had stored my project in and had been playing with it the whole night, creating a series of holes, loopy strands and overall making a mess out of it.

I know all pets’ parents believe that their animals are special, but believe me… mine is VERY special. She is a real wool lover, to the extent that I have to buy skeins specifically for her, so that she can play with them without ruining mines. Anyhow, she won’t accept them if I just give them to her… she doesn’t want HER skeins, she wants MINES! So i need to set up all kind of possible situations where she can steal the skein from me, though it’s actually meant for her. I would usually knit or crochet a couple of rows and leave the skein freely moving on the floor so that it catches her attention. Moreover, she only likes 100% wool yarn… blends or acryclic are no option for her, she wants the expensive stuff!

Say “Hi” to my small moster! 🙂 look at those eyes… clearly craving for mum’s wool! lol


Anyway, It took me a week to overcome the trauma and finally frog that poor thing which once was going to be a blanket, cut ruined yarn strands and try to save as much of it as possible…

I have now started crocheting a new blanket. I was looking for a pattern I hadn’t tried yet and I came across this one, which looks pretty neat and is definitely an easy one:

Baby Blanket

And here is my version… I’m loving the texture and using a hook size 6 (J)  it’s also working up pretty fast!

I wanted to crochet the edging in a different colour though, as in the original pattern, but I can’t decide which colour! What do you suggest? it’s going to be for a baby boy 🙂


New stash and new blanket project!

Hey everyone!

Today’s project  is a bit “old” already, anyway my parents went on holidays at the seaside in May (yes, I know :)) and they found a cute and small yarn store during one of their sightseeing trips. They decided me to make me a huge surprise by buying an enornous stash of yarn!!! They came home with more than 40 yarn skeins and they definitely made their girl happy 🙂

The yarn is 100% wool and it’s very soft to the touch. It came in 5 colours: yellow, blue, cream, some “lobster red” and light pink

New stash!

I failed to add the pink to the picture… dunno why, probably it’s because it’s the one that I happen to like less, but nevermind!

More or less in the same period I had purchased this book, which I find totally inspiring! There are a lot of cool patterns and the author uses only a couple of stitches for them all, which make them easy and quite fast to work.


Does anyone else have it? The pink blanket on the cover definitely caught my eye on Amazon, so I had to buy it! Anyway, what I was going to do with all the yarn I got became suddenly clear…

New rug - work in progress

The first one I crocheted was the blue one and I totally fell in love with the pattern! So much that I couldn’t wait to finish the first square in order to start the others 🙂
Since I was still working full time at the moment, it took me one week to finish each square, whcih is a long time in my opinion, but with so little time left in the evening, it was the best I could do. Now that I am not working anymore I am still crocheting quite slowly cause I’m simultaneously caught up in some 74732392 projects, well… you know how it is! They just keep producing too much beautiful yarn and we’ve only got 2 hands!

By the end of the summer this is how it looked like. I think that using a single colour would have made the pattern stand out more (as the one in the book), but I’m very happy with my own variation as well:




I am happy to announce though that I reached square #14 this weekend, which makes me right halfway through the whole blanket! When it will be finished it will be just as big as a regular single bed, and I honestly can’t wait! I’ll keep you updated!

– Starting date: May 2009
– Finishing date (ext): April 2009
– Number of squares according to project: 28
– Number of hexagons made so far: 14