Thermal – WIP, aaaand… meet the real Craftykitty! :D

Just a quick update before I head to Uni for an exam 🙂

I finished the main body of “Thermal” last night, so I wanted to show pics 🙂

I am still wondering if I should knit the sleeves in plain Stockinette stitch instead… we’ll see! The collar is also missing and I plan to have it done by this week 🙂
The problem is that now that I finally could try it on I have noticed that it’s a bit too short for my taste, which is funny cause I actually knitted it it almost 2 inches longer that what was recommended in the pattern! That’s why I HATE knitting bottom-up sweaters… I still don’t know how it happened, I knitted a small, but still I’m definitely not that tall that it would look short on me. Another knitting mystery which will remain unsolved.

Here are the pics. If you spot something white and black don’t worry, that’s Craftykitty!

First try – “Oh oh! What are you doing, mommy?”
the real "craftykitty" :)

Second try – “Don’t care about me, just take your pic”
the real "craftykitty" :)

Third try – “What do you mean with ‘you can’t sit there’?
the real "craftykitty" :)

Forth try – (locks the cat in the livingroom)
Thermal - WIP - front

Thermal - WIP - back