Chocolate macarons – baby blanket update

Hi everyone!

It’s been another busy week. I have actulally resigned from my job because I might be about to start my dream job soon. I have an interview on thursday and I’ve spent the last 10 days preparing for it. I’m so nervous!

Thanks God I have my personal kind of yoga… crocheting! It really relaxes me and helps thoughts getting reorganized in my head. Is it the same for you? Does crocheting/knitting help you with feeling better? It definitely works for me.

Anyway, I have almost completed my “Chocolate Macarons” baby blanket. I am so so in LOVE with this blanket! lol It will be a pain to see it go when it sells.

I have finished crocheting the 30 squares and started joining them. I actually wanted to mix and match them and join them in some kind of random (but not really) order. I tried a couple of combinations and realized that the rich pattern texture and the many colours would make it look messy and a bit confusing. So I decided to join the squares creating rows with the same colour combo and I think it was the right decision. It looks much better like that!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy πŸ™‚

Btw the blanket is available for preorder (and you’ll get a 5€ discount). I just can’t give you the finished measurements yet cause I also want to add a nice border, but it’s pretty big – stroller/crib size. Anyway, If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Much love!


"Chocolate Macarons" baby blanket

One third done… things are shaping up!

Chocolate macarons - baby blanket wip

More and more squares, only 5 left to crochet

Chocolate macarons - baby blanket wip

I started joining. The squares are actually sewn together. I prefer sewing than crocheting them together cause it just looks so much better.

Chocolate macarons - baby blanket wip

Almost done… just couple of rows left

Chocolate macarons - baby blanket wip

this blanket is going to look… FAB! πŸ™‚

Lazy crocheting, mailing list subscription and a discount

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? I have finally found a job and started working last week. It’s not exactly my dream job, but I only have a 3 months contract, so I’ll have a chance to look for something different in September. The best thing about this job is that I only work mo-fri from 9 to 6, which for most of you probably sounds totally normal, but having always worked in retail it’s a nice change for me πŸ™‚ I’m not used to all that free time! lol

It’s been pretty hot lately, so I have put my crocheting activities by side. I’ve actually done some lazy crocheting when I felt like it. I’ve picked up a blanket which has been a WIP for years now, plus I’ve tested some new granny squares. I have a custom baby blanket due in october, so I still have plenty of time. i have picked the yarn, but I’m not sure about the pattern. You’ll surely get more updates about it in the near future πŸ˜‰


I have made 16 squares out of the planned 32 so far and it’s going to fit a single bed once it’s finished.
Pattern: “princess white roses knee rug” by Janet Hobbs

Moreover, I got halfway through the “harriett square” by Carolyn Christmas



I have also created a new mailing list for my online shop.

Subscribe now to SCD’s mailing list to get updates about new products, discounts, released patterns and custom orders! No spam, I promise: ) To sign up please click on the banner below.


And last but not leats, from today till Aug.15th with code “SUMMER2013” you’ll get a 125 discount on all orders above 2€ placed at my ETSY SHOP. Enjoy!


New work in progress… and yes, it’s a baby blanket :)

Hi everyone!

I am taking a break from studying just to share with you my latest work in progress πŸ™‚ Crocheting really helps me relaxing after a whole day spent on the books. Some people do sports, some yoga or other activities… I sit on the couch, watch some food related tv program (normally Man vs Food, it makes me go crazy! lol) and crochet till my hands hurt!

The idea for this blanket came to me while watching a Tv program on Channel Kitchen 24. We don’t have that channel in Italy, I just bumped into it while zapping during my recent trip to Austria and Slovenia. So yes, a lucky strike!

In this program there was this woman travelling around Provence, France and showing all the recipes that you can make using lavender flower. She had collected an amazing bunch of these flowers and was just making cookies with them… how nice!

So well, that’s where I got the idea of a baby blanket resembling a lavender field… I think I quite managed. I am already about 50% through it, and I can’t wait to see the finished product! πŸ™‚

This blanket will be for sale. If you’re interested, just please drop me a line at sakura.crochet.designs[AT] Since it is not finished yet, you can still pick your size πŸ™‚

I am just able to offer you a sneak peak… so enjoy!

Clue #2

Crocheting all the “flowers”

Mistery project: clue number 3! Eheh

Finally crocheting the borders and trying out colour combinations πŸ™‚


ps: the pattern for this blanket is mine and you can find it hereΒ Β πŸ™‚

FOR SALE: Winter Garden baby/toddler blanket

Is your baby already a fashionista? Tired of pastel and neutral colours?
Then this Baby Blanket is what you were looking for.

Finally! A beautiful crocheted baby blanket in very trendy and fashionable colours! Perfect for baby showers, birthdays and holiday gifts!

Crocheted in a warm merino wool and acrylic blend, easy to take care of and super soft! It can be washed a number of times and still remains perfect πŸ™‚

Blanket measures approx 90×70 and is composed of 48 squares, all featuring a different colour combination, in the shades of pink, red, blue and green.

Please note that for this blanket I have used quality materials only, and in particular an acrylic/wool blend which is machine washable. It’s a bit more expensive, but you get a baby blanket which won’t change its shape after the fist wash and will always look perfect.
“My mums” rather spent time with their babies than hand washing πŸ˜‰

Don’t just get your baby A blanket, but rather that blankie that will accompany him/her for a life time!



If you would like a similar blanket, but with different sizes/colours just email me at sakura.crochet.designs[AT] and I’ll get back to you asap. I am ALWAYS open to custom orders!
Winter Garden Baby/Toddler blanket

Winter Garden Baby/Toddler blanket

Winter Garden Baby/Toddler blanket

Winter Garden Baby/Toddler blanket

Mod-inspired Blythe Hat

I finished another Blythe hat πŸ™‚

My initial purpose was to make a pumpkin-shaped hat in time for halloween, but as I noticed that I was running out of time I changed it into a mod-inspired hat πŸ™‚ Mustard yellow is very trendy this year anyway… Too bad that it doesn’t suit me at all as a colour lol

My Simply Vanilla Blythe – Ali – wears it definitely better that I would! πŸ™‚

Mod Hat for Blythe

Mod hat for Blythe

Here are also a couple of pics of the “work in progress” – that is, before waving in ends and adding the button πŸ™‚ I actually took them to test my new Iphone πŸ™‚

New hat finished last night! I will add some buttons for a more finished touch tonight ;)

As a trivia… the dress my doll is wearing is actually a barbie Tshirt πŸ™‚ My parents moved houses in may and my mum found a HUGE bag full of my Barbie clothes from when I was a child, washed them all and gave to me the ones that were still in good shape! Being Blythe rather shorter and thinnier than Barbies, not everything fits unluckily, but tshirts make good dresses πŸ™‚ I had got this one together with my super cool Benetton Barbie sometimes in the 90’s, who had the most amazing braids ever πŸ™‚ Oh, I so wish her coat would fit Blythes!


By the way, the hat is for sale

Knitting for Blythe

Lately I got involved in Blythe dolls, ever heard of them? They’re japanese dolls with a huge head and multicolour eyes πŸ™‚ I find them pretty creepy and at the same time extremely cute.

Due to their high price I have only 2 and I am not planning on buying any other. I wouldn’t want to turn something that costs over 100€ into a dust catcher, but I think that if they had cost less I would have bought many more! I wish I could have one with some fantasy hair colour, like hot pink or celeste πŸ™‚


As soon as i got the first one (which I named Pumpkin) I started knitting and crocheting for her… I enjoy it so much! The relative small size allows me to complete projects pretty quickly and those dolls are surely fashionistas, as they are able to embody so many personalities.


Here are some completed projects… enjoy!


aurora blythe hat

tundra blythe hat

A Blythe Basque

Be a Star - hat

Blythe hat giveaway!

snowdrop set

Fruit Punch Hoodie

Forest Fruit Hoodie for Blythe

Raspberry Blythe Beret

Howl knitted hat for Blythe -WIP

***Some patterns are mine, some are courtesy of Ravelry***