talking of half-finished projects…

If you check my Flickr stream you will notice that one of the first photos of crocheting projects I have ever posted is this


and it was in May 2009…

This morning, while sorting out one of the last boxes, what did I find??


this is my progress as of today. I haven’t worked on it for a long time now cause… well, I have noticed that my “hand” has changed in the meantime and I seem to crochet much tighter now, so the squares end up being *way* smaller! sigh sigh

The blanket is already pretty big and it could eventually be left the way it is, but I have enough yarn for just as many squares, so what to do?? Using a bigger hook is out of the question, cause I think that the change would be too visible and crocheting more losely is not quite an option cause it doesn’t feel comfortable and looks wonky… aaaaargh!

Here is a good serie of reasons why you should complete projects instead of having them sitting there forever, I guess!

My fist attempt at a baby blanket

My co-worker is pregnant, in her 6th month now, and it’s a girl, so i decided to make a baby blanket for her… my first attempt!
I was browsing through my grandma’s book to find a nice stitch that would work fine for a baby and while trying some “pineapple stitch” I came up with a variation that seemed quite soft and thick at the same time.

I used a 6.00 mm (J) hook and about 4 skeins of Cigno Nero Acrylic wool. I am not very happy with the acrylic, my mum got it for me and she didn’t know it was for a baby blanket. I decided to use it anyway, though in my opinion it’s a bit of waste to put so much time and effort into something that is not going to be the way ti should, but I’ve read somewhere that acrylic blankets can be more handy cause they are easily washable (vs wool being super delicate!)
Acrylic skeins

I started the blanket in Feb actually, and it’s done by now. I didn’t know it was going to be a girl, so I went for a neutral cream colour.
baby blanket

I made 3 pink and purple roses the other day and I bought a pink ribbon… I think the blanket looks very sweet 🙂
Just the “acrylic matter” keeps bothering me a bit… ufffff.


baby blanket... finished!

Done! Do you think she will like it? 😀