Pretty Puff hat – fail?

I wanted to make the Pretty Puff Slouchy Hat pattern from so much and I’ve been obsessed by it ever since I read the post, so I recently bought some super soft and bulky wool at the local market and started working on it…but I’m so disappointed!

Dunno what went wrong with it… the wool seemed to be right, the hook was right, the pattern was right, but no way it managed to come out the supposed way!

First of all, I had to re-do the whole thing FOUR times, cause it kept being too small. I had to add about 6 more rows in the first part of the hat and still, when I put it on it’s sooooo tight! The puffs are super cute, I even added a purple knitted flower on the side, but still.. it looks like I stole the hat from my little sister. I am so sad about that, really.

Here is a picture of the “cute disaster”, any advices on where I went wrong? I couldn’t try to make it even bigger cause I had run out of yarn. I bought 2 skeins and they were the last ones in the store… *sniff*

Crocheted puff stitch hat
Everyone said it loks great, but I feel uncomfortable at wearing it…

Here is the crocheted flower:
Crocheted Flower on my Puff stitch hat :)
Pattern HERE

Grey puff stitch hat

I made this hat for my father in law. The pattern is mine. I was scared it would look too feminine, but he was really happy with it and actually it looks cool when worn (no pic, sorry!). The pattern is mine, which makes me super hapy!

I used some 70% acrylic – 30% wool yarn which my boyfriend bought for his father. That was too cute 🙂 I only used one skein and a tiny bit of a second one. Now also my mother in law wants a hat, so that extra yarn will come handy.

Crocheted puff hat

I’ve made 2 more hats for me, but my right hand has been really sore for a while now. It even hurts in my sleep, which is weird… I’ll have to cut down my crocheting hours a day for sure. Sigh.