Let the sun shine!

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Hello my dearest!

How has summer been there where you live? Here in Italy it was pretty awful weather-wise… It’s been raining a lot and almost everyday since june, and it’s been cold as well. Surprisingly, September has been quite good so far! Last sunday the sun was shining and we had almost 30°C, and this week was very nice, though much chillier, especially in the mornings. Let’s hope that it will hold a bit longer, because I haven’t been able to sit in my garden for weeks now, since it has turned into a real swamp, to the point that I’ve spotted a dragonfly the other day! lol

I took a chance to finally enjoy the sun yesterday and I’ve been crocheting a bit in the garden. My Confetti blanket is growing slowly but constantly 🙂 I’ve reached 51 squares (out of planned 130) and I think it’s looking great, I love all those colours! I’m already thinking of what edging could go with it, probably something quite plain, since the granny squares are so “rich” already. What do you suggest?


I’ve also been cooking quite a lot lately. I love cooking, but since I live on my own I don’t get to cook much just for myself. I have a real passion for making jams and maramalades though, and last week I’ve made peaches jam for the first time 🙂 I’ve often made cherries, strawberries, plums, oranges… so I wanted to try something new. I must say that this is one of the best jams I’ve ever made, it tastes soooo good! I can share the recipe if anyone is curious 🙂 Here’s a picture of the vases while they were cooling down 🙂 I guess you can tell it’s good when the colour is nice, can’t you?


Foto 30-08-14 17 15 39



I’ve also been drying chili peppers… we’ll see how it goes. I have a huge plant in my garden, but due to the terrible weather we had all over summer, this is all we got out of it, unluckily.

Foto 23-08-14 15 14 04

Last but not least… It was Formula 1 Gran Prix last Sunday here in Monza, and I went seeing it for the first time in my life 🙂 I enjoyed it so much, it’s been like a giant party!

My brother and I were rooting for Ferrari, of course, but it didn’t win, too bad 🙂

Foto 07-09-14 14 39 16


So how was your week?

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The “Carnivorous” blanket

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Ok, Ok, the name I gave to this blanket is a bit odd, but it came to my mind while reading “Life of Pi” a couple of weeks ago. I’m not going to go further into details in case someone hasn’t read the book or watched the film, but yes, this blanket has a literary background, lol

Anyway, I have recently found myself almost sinking in stash yarn, or to better say, in yarn leftovers. I have been crocheting many blankets in the past years, and I rarely get to use up ALL the yarn I buy, so it started piling up at some point. Therefore I decided to make a blanket, or a lapghan, or a bed throw… I am not sure about the categorization cause I haven’t actually set on a finished size, I’ll just go on until I have yarn left. AND, most importantly, I have decided I am not going to buy any new yarn for it, so if I ever run out of it, I’m simply going to wait until get some more leftovers, with the only exception of black, since it’s the joining colour.
But why “carnivorous”? Well, do you know of all those half finished projects, those tests, those swatches which seem to lay aroudn forever and never get looked at agin? Well, I’ve been patiently frogging them all and using them up again 🙂 So basically I am crocheting a blanket and feeding it with other projects! lol

But now, on to more interesting details!

pattern is…

flower in a square

by Sucrette

it’s super easy and doesn’t require too much counting, so you can just go on with your crocheting while watching TV. (always a plus, if you ask me).
As I said I didn’t make up a scheme, but I counted that to get a decent size blanket I’ll need to make AT LEAST 300 squares… lol
here are some pics for you to enjoy. How to you like it? I have joined about 120 squares so far 🙂

I guess my inspiration might be back ;)

The "carnivorous" blanket
Here my cat was testing it and I think it passed 🙂

The carnivorous blanket
Square #100!

The "carnivorous" blanket

The "carnivorous" blanket

I’m joining as I go… best invention ever, esp when you have 300+ squares ahead of you!
So this blanket is basically the reason why I am doing 52 squares for the crochetmoodblanket2014. I figured I would end up leaving one behind, and so far so good!

If you’re on Ravelry, you can see my project page HERE.

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“Not your Valentine” hat :) And I’m loving it!

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for being a bit absent lately… I am writing the final chapters of my PhD thesis and it’s driving me nuts! lol I just want to be done with it as quickly as possible, but on the other hand I am sick and tired of the whole thing, so “oh joy”. Still three weeks to go before the final deadline. I guess I will survive till then 😀


Anyway, since I’m spending most of my evenings in and I was feeling the need of doing something different from the usual stuff, I have knitted a fair isle hat. The hearts pattern is from Ravelry and I have already used it several times, but the hat pattern is mine 🙂 I had actually already knitted a very similar hat, but in Blythe size, so well, I virtually have a mini-me now! lol

Here are some pics… It took 3 evenings to knit it and I have been taking pics the next day to show progress. How do you like it?

I named it “Not your Valentine”… lol


Day 1

Fair Isle hat knitting pattern, soon available at sakuracrochetdesigns.wordpress.com stay tuned!

Day 2

"Not your valentine" fair isle hat, day 2 progress :)

Day 3

"Not your Valentine" fair isle hat... Finished! ❤❤❤

And here is my Blythe Ali wearing the same hat!

Ali modelling "Hearts Queen" hat :)

What is on my needles

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a nice time celebrating… I actualy have been pretty busy with preparing a zillion Power Point slides for a seminar I need to attend in a couple of weeks, so… ehm YAY! lol


This is just a super quick post to say hi and to show that I have still been productive these days 🙂 I have finally finished the second sleeve for my Thermal and now I just need to find some inner strenght and sew them both to the main body (I hate hate hate sewing, I can never seem to get it right! grrrr). I also finally found some matching buttons that I like, so maybe I’ll even manage to wear it by the end of this winter. NOT BAD! lol


Moreover, I have started working on a new pattern 🙂 I had some super cool yarn sitting around for a while and I just suddenly got hit by an idea, which I am currently “exploring”, so to say. Let’s see what comes out.

Here is a sneak peak! Enjoy!


What is on mi needles


ps: POTW’s are coming back next week, when hopefully I’ll be less busy! Sorry!

Autumn leaves :)

I went to the park today and took a chance to practice my photo skills. Not that they are particularly brilliant anyway, I’d actually love to buy me a reflex camera and take a photo course, but I’m a bit short of money lately with the move and all, so my Iphone and my so-old-that-is-almost-vintage digital camera will have to do for now 🙂 Thanks God there is Photoshop!

I just thought I’d share some of them… I love autumn!
Monza park - autumn leaves

Monza park - autumn leaves

Monza park - autumn leaves

Monza park - autumn leaves

we all need our spot in the sun

some pics

I haven’t been posting in a while 😦
It’s actually been too hot to think of anything knitting related and i haven’t been feeling too good either. nothing serious, just many changes occurring in my life lately, which leave me little time to actually stick to my resolution of posting here at least once a week.
I have been travelling quite a lot… mainly back home to Italy, but I also visited Vienna for the second time (though I’ve been living in Austria almost 3 years now, I haven’t seen much of it, shame on me!)
I thought I would share some pics… just so that you know that I’m still alive! 😀

this was taken close to where I live one day while I was jogging 🙂

Sissi, the REAL crafty kitty, who loves stealing wool, but only the expensive one 🙂

Donau Park- Wien/Vienna
A funny view of a skyscraper in Donaupark – Vienna.

Donauturm - Wien/Vienna
The shadow of Donauturm, taken from the top of the tower itself… 200+ meters high, scary thing!

Love in Graz is a serious business :)
Padlocks to be found in Graz. Some of them are HUGE, some pretty odd 🙂 If you don’t know what the whole thing is about, well… some years ago an Italian novel was published. At some point in the story the two lovers hang a padlock on one of the many bridges on river Tevere, in Rome, and throw the key into the river, as to promise themeselves eternal love. The voice has spread, I guess 🙂 If you’re curious about the original (I mean where the story was set) google “Ponte Milvio”, you’ll see some crazy things!

Owl Blythe Hat
Blythe hats!

Into the wild ;)
the park here nearby, where I usually go jogging

Well, anyone else on instagram? I am sakuraxdreaming, by the way… feel free to add me!