Pattern of the week: thinking of… tiles!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the quite long break… I’ve been as usual very busy with woking and studying, and most of all, I’m extremely tired 😦 but I’m finally going on holidays in 10 days or so… yay! I am most probably going to visit Barcelona, in Spain. It will be fun!

Has anyone of you been there? It’s going to be my first time visiting mainland Spain actually. Do you maybe have any yarn/craft stores in the area to recommend? Tips? things that can’t be missed? If so, please let me know! i’d love to hear about that.

Anyway, the upcoming holiday has finally put me in a crocheting mood again. I have also sold a couple of baby blankets in the past 2 weeks, so i’ll have to make something new for my Etsy store. i have been looking for inspirational patterns and came across this one. I had actually been looking for a *free* pattern for something similar for ages, so yay! I am going to buy some new yarn in the next days, i have already picked some palettes, but not a pattern. i will surprise you with some new pattern 😉

And now, on to this week’s pattern!

Cascade Afghan

by Craft Yarn Council of America


A simple pattern that actually creates a textured effect which reminds me of mosaics and coloured tiles! I am definitely loving it and it looks nice just in any colour combination!

here are some more examples taken from Ravelry


by ElinElla


by dahlofwool

So how do you like it?

Pattern of the week: thinking of… fancy baby booties!

Hi everyone!

I don’t often post baby patterns because unluckily there are no babies in my family. I think that baby items leave you a great deal of freedom in the choice of colours and patterns, but you need to be confident with baby sizes if you want to get things right. I was asked to crochet a hat for a 2 yo boy a while ago, and that required more studies in children anatomy that if I had to become a dotor. lol The hat’s fit ended up being perfect, but that was 90% luck if you ask me!

Anyway, I bumped into this pattern last week and I just wish I knew someone who has a baby girl just to make a ton of them… lol




Bow Booties

Arbol 007

Pattern of the week: thinking of… pincushions!

Hi everyone!

here is an easy peasy pattern and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet! I have made several pincushions out of this pattern for maily two reasons: you can crochet one in less than one hour, and they’re so cute that they’re always very well received as gifts! 🙂 They’re nothing too complicated to make or too “overwhelming” to be gifted as a nice “thank you” … plus it’s african flowers pattern once again! YAY! Can you actually ever have enough of these cute flowers? I don’t think so, I could have my house covered with them, lol

In the next days I am also probably going to post an update on the baby blanket I am crocheting… I will have to buy more white wool and start joining, it would be nice to be finished over the weekend, but we’ll see.

Now here we go, enjoy the pattern!

African Flower Pincushion


Doesn’t it look sweet? I could eat it… lol

And here is one of those made by me. The pic was taken at night and I might have exagerated with Snapseed, so coloring is a bit off, sorry!

African flower pin cushion. Pattern from @ravelry

Pattern of the week: thinking of… spring bags!

Hello my dear friends!

Here I am with this week’s Pattern of the week 🙂

I have found this pattern which I think is very nice and definitely worth a try 🙂
I used to knit myself purses when I was a teenager, but i have never made anything similar to this… It’s definitely next on my queue!

The pattern is for free, but you need to register to the website to download it. The website has other very nice pattern as well, so why not? Enjoy!

Spring Bag


And by the way…

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Pattern of the week: thinking of… a ruffles skirt!

Hi everyone!

This week’s POTW definitely tastes like summer 🙂

I found this pattern to be very sweet, though I couldn’t decide whether I’d wear such a garment or not! lol I think I’d make a slightly longer version anyway.

I must admit, however, that I would have loved such a skirt as a child/teenager! I actually had a similar one in black and I totally loved it.

So, let’s call it a “childhood memories” pattern of the week. lol



The White Russian

How do you like it? Would you wear it?

Pattern of the week: thinking of… crochet flowers!

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another Pattern Of The Week! This time I picked a very nice crochet pattern, which could be used for a number of projects, e.g. potholders, pillows, coasters, blankets… or even a purse maybe!

It’s a newly released pattern from Ravelry, which caught my eye straight away!

However, before go on to the POTW, I would like to give you a “heads up” about a pattern I have posted earlier this week. I have messed up something with the post, so probably you got no notification.

The “Not Your Valentine” hat pattern has been released and is now available for free HERE through “Pay with a tweet or Facebook”. If you have neither of them you can still download it from Ravelry, but I would really appreciate your help with spreading the word, thanks!


And now… are you ready for these colorful flowers?


Crochet flower “Elealinda” – free crochet pattern


The pattern is for free, but you need to register to download it.

Pattern of the week: thinking of… more and more stitches!

Hi everyone!

How are you doing? I am still waiting for spring! lol

It IS getting warmer, but not as warm as I would like to, plus it’s been raining for the past 3 weeks… sigh.

Anyway, since I am already in a spring-summer mood, I find it hard to look through projects of heavy cabled sweathers, blankets, cowls and chunky knits! When it gets warmer I am just in the mood for small projects: mittes, cozies, purses, potholders and the like. Does it happen to you as well?

For this week’s POTW I have picked a small project, which is definitely a simple one. I have picked it maily because I find the stitch to be interesting and very versatile… it could be used for a number of things! And the pencilcase/purse if extremely cute! Too bad I don’t go to school anymore… lol

So here it is. What would you crochet with it?

Spike cluster stitch purse


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Pattern of the week: thinking of… where is spring??

Hello my lovelies!

I am very very sorry for the long absence… I got eaten up by University duties, but I have good news: I finished writing my PhD thesis! That means that, if everything goes well, in June I will finally have my PhD in Cultural Anthrpology, a dream came true! The last 5 months have been definitely stressful, but having finished is definitely rewarding 🙂

Anyway, enoughabout that!

How is spring going where you live? Here in northern Italy it’s still looking weird. last week it actually snowed! lol Since then it has just been raining and raining, which is quite depressing. This is the longest winter ever, for real!

So, since I am definitely missing sunlight, warmer temperatures, flowers and everything else that *should* come with spring, I have picked a pattern that surely will remind you of all of that! lol


Simple Peacock Earrings


If you have a second, I would look through all her patterns, there are some very funny ones which I would totally make myself, such as a Habanero or Radish Amigurumi, or even a wig hat!

Pattern of the week: thinking of… stripes and cardi’s!

Hello there!

I have a cool cool cool pattern for you, or at least in my opinion it definitely is!

I love cardigans and stripes and this pattern has both, so lucky me! eheh I actually already have two cardis which look exactly the same, though they are knitted in cotton and have short sleeves. I got them from Zara a couple of years ago.

I guess you can say that I like garments with an unconventional construction 🙂

I am always a bit concerned about stripes though, since the danger of making something look like a pijama is always around the corner. Stripes can be tricky, picking out the right colour ombination can actually make the difference between a dull piece and something that will be everyone’s center of attention!

So, here is the pattern, I hope you will like it. I have added some extra picts of colour combos which I think that look particularly well, enjoy!


and now some cool examples 🙂


by POF on Ravelry


by wendygene on Ravelry


And what about using a solid colour with a nicely textured stitch?

by nina0 on Ravelry

Pattern(s) of the week: thinking of… hearts!

Hello people!
This post was supposed to go up last week, but well… We still have 2 days before Valentine’s, so I guess that technically we are still in time 🙂

Here are some hearts/love themed patters that I have put together for you.

And if you’re single (like me! lol), or just not celebrating Valentine’s day, there are a ton of other uses for these projects! 🙂 My personal fave are the last two. Cute cute cute!


Springtime in my Heart


Love Bug Amigurumi


Lovely crocheted hearts