New pattern: Ross slouchy hat

Hi everyone!

My Facebook and Twitter followers had gotten a hint already last week, but anyway it’s now official, I have published a new pattern!

I must say that I am pretty excited cause this is my first knitting pattern, so yay! I hope that you will enjoy it!

The pattern is available for everyone to download FOR FREE till Sunday 9th December, 2012. After this date it will be for purchase only, so hurry up! In less than 12 hours it’s been downloaded almost 150 times already!

In case you’re curious, here it is 🙂

Ross – slouchy hat

A very hip yet cute slouchy hat knitted in worsted weight yarn.

The pattern features faux cables actually knitted through twisted stitches.

The pattern will be also available on Etsy and Dawanda for download from Sunday on.

Aaaaaand, in case you can’t knit, but you would like to have your own Ross hat, you can REQUEST YOUR CUSTOM ORDER HERE 🙂

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Pattern of the week: thinking of… owls!

Hi everyone!

This week’s pattern if definitely a funny one.

I have noticed that owls are getting very popular lately, in stores I keep seeing owl themed tshirts, necklaces and other accessories 🙂 they are usually super cute and I find the whole phenomenon pretty interesting since owls haven’t always been very loved animals in history, I would really love to know where the whole new trend is coming from!

Anyway, onto the pattern! enjoy it!

Adult Owl Hat


As I have mentioned, I have seen many owl themed hats around, esp. for Blyhte dolls 🙂 they are super cute, like the ones made by the seller “susyq19″… isn’t it sweet?

(clicking on the pic will redirect you to her Etsy shop, by the way)

sale hootie cutie psychedelic

Mod-inspired Blythe Hat

I finished another Blythe hat 🙂

My initial purpose was to make a pumpkin-shaped hat in time for halloween, but as I noticed that I was running out of time I changed it into a mod-inspired hat 🙂 Mustard yellow is very trendy this year anyway… Too bad that it doesn’t suit me at all as a colour lol

My Simply Vanilla Blythe – Ali – wears it definitely better that I would! 🙂

Mod Hat for Blythe

Mod hat for Blythe

Here are also a couple of pics of the “work in progress” – that is, before waving in ends and adding the button 🙂 I actually took them to test my new Iphone 🙂

New hat finished last night! I will add some buttons for a more finished touch tonight ;)

As a trivia… the dress my doll is wearing is actually a barbie Tshirt 🙂 My parents moved houses in may and my mum found a HUGE bag full of my Barbie clothes from when I was a child, washed them all and gave to me the ones that were still in good shape! Being Blythe rather shorter and thinnier than Barbies, not everything fits unluckily, but tshirts make good dresses 🙂 I had got this one together with my super cool Benetton Barbie sometimes in the 90’s, who had the most amazing braids ever 🙂 Oh, I so wish her coat would fit Blythes!


By the way, the hat is for sale

Knitting for Blythe

Lately I got involved in Blythe dolls, ever heard of them? They’re japanese dolls with a huge head and multicolour eyes 🙂 I find them pretty creepy and at the same time extremely cute.

Due to their high price I have only 2 and I am not planning on buying any other. I wouldn’t want to turn something that costs over 100€ into a dust catcher, but I think that if they had cost less I would have bought many more! I wish I could have one with some fantasy hair colour, like hot pink or celeste 🙂


As soon as i got the first one (which I named Pumpkin) I started knitting and crocheting for her… I enjoy it so much! The relative small size allows me to complete projects pretty quickly and those dolls are surely fashionistas, as they are able to embody so many personalities.


Here are some completed projects… enjoy!


aurora blythe hat

tundra blythe hat

A Blythe Basque

Be a Star - hat

Blythe hat giveaway!

snowdrop set

Fruit Punch Hoodie

Forest Fruit Hoodie for Blythe

Raspberry Blythe Beret

Howl knitted hat for Blythe -WIP

***Some patterns are mine, some are courtesy of Ravelry***

Pretty Puff hat – fail?

I wanted to make the Pretty Puff Slouchy Hat pattern from so much and I’ve been obsessed by it ever since I read the post, so I recently bought some super soft and bulky wool at the local market and started working on it…but I’m so disappointed!

Dunno what went wrong with it… the wool seemed to be right, the hook was right, the pattern was right, but no way it managed to come out the supposed way!

First of all, I had to re-do the whole thing FOUR times, cause it kept being too small. I had to add about 6 more rows in the first part of the hat and still, when I put it on it’s sooooo tight! The puffs are super cute, I even added a purple knitted flower on the side, but still.. it looks like I stole the hat from my little sister. I am so sad about that, really.

Here is a picture of the “cute disaster”, any advices on where I went wrong? I couldn’t try to make it even bigger cause I had run out of yarn. I bought 2 skeins and they were the last ones in the store… *sniff*

Crocheted puff stitch hat
Everyone said it loks great, but I feel uncomfortable at wearing it…

Here is the crocheted flower:
Crocheted Flower on my Puff stitch hat :)
Pattern HERE

Yarn shopping and more crocheting

I went yarn shopping the other day 🙂
I was feeling a bit down cause of the terrible weather (it’s been snowing and/or raining since early Nov. now… sigh) and I needed to cheer myself up with some sparkly colours.
I took a chance to buy some skeins for whitedomino @ for the 10$ swap, but I had to get me this super soft merino/acrylic wool yarns too!!

New yarn

which I have used to knit myself a hat (yes, AGAIN!). My mum said the hat seems to be too small once more. After the big Puff Hat failure (more about that in a following post), I must say I’m pretty disappointed. I try to follow the pattern and also keep track of the gauge, so I don’t really know what’s wrong.

Crocheted hat
Pattern: The Darling Diva’s Snow Day Hat @

Do you think it looks too small?

I used the same yarn to crochet a pair of fingerless mittes and I totally adore them!! These are super soft and warm, and finally I managed to make something the way it was supposed to be 🙂 eheh

First crocheted mittens
Pattern: Lacy Fingerless Gloves by Christie Pruitt @ Ravelry

Crocheted Blue Hat – First attempt!

I have finally finished my first attempt at crocheting a hat for myself!

I was surfing the net a bit looking for possible easy patterns and I ended up finding this: Be-ribboned Lavender hat and liking it very much.
I soon realized I was using a smaller hook and probably the wrong kind of yarn for it (I still haven’t figured how to pick the right ones – both hook and yarn – but I am on a trip right now and I didn’t have much choice at the store, with the 4,5 mm hook being the biggest they had), so following the pattern wasn’t working as expected. I was almost finished with it, just to realize my hat wouldn’t cover even half of my head.
So basically… I had to invent!
I came up my own pattern, if you can call it so, which is a mixture of the original one, mistakes and stitches I learnt on the way through it!

Copyright belongs to the original pattern creator (see link above), I’m just reporting my changes for personal future references. You are more than welcome to follow my version, but please credit the original maker if posting anywhere! Thanks!

First attempt at crocheting a hat

Material: blue 100% wool yarn. I used one and a little bit of a second one, for a total of about 60 g. 4.5 mm hook.

Notes: Hat is crocheted in the round. The top part of the hat is crocheted by placing hook in between posts of stitches in previous row, rather than in the top loop. Some rows call for turning at the end of the row, otherwise, crochet in one direction. ALWAYS SLIP STITCH TO FINISH A ROUND.

Start with a 3 chains loop and slip stich in the fist sticht to close.

1. 12 dc. Slip stitch on top of first stitch to close; do this at the end of every row.
2. 2dc in each space between dc. (24 stitches)
3. *2dc in first space, dc in next space; repeat from* around. (36 stitches)
4. *2dc in first space, dc in each of next 2 spaces; repeat from * around. (48 stitches)
5. *2dc in first space, dc in each of next 3 spaces; repeat from * around. (60 stitches)
6. *2dc in first space, dc in each of next 4 spaces; repeat from * around. (72 stitches)
7. *2dc in first space, dc in each of next 5 spaces; repeat from * around. (84 stitches)

End top disc; start textured stitch pattern (1)

1. **1sc in first stitch (in the loop, not in the space between stitches), skip 2 stitches, 5dc in same stitch, skip 2 stitches**; repeat from ** for the whole round.

Now turn so that wrong side is facing.

2. **5dc in same stitch (your 1sc of the previous round), 1sc in the loop of the 3rd dc of your previous round**; repeat from ** for the whole round.

Turn again so the right side is facing.

3. 1dc in each stitch for 3 rounds.

4. **1sc in first stitch (in the loop, not in the space between stitches), skip 2 stitches, 5dc in same stitch, skip 2 stitches**; repeat from ** for the whole round.

1dc in each stitch for 1 round.

Start textured stitch pattern (2)

1. Turn work, so that wrong side is facing. ***(sc, 2dc) in first stitch, skip next 2 stitches; repeat from *** all the way around, ending with slip stitch in first sc.
2. Turn work, so that right side is facing. Dc in each stitch around. Slip stitch to close.

Repeat these two rows 4 times.

Finish off your hat with the following pattern:

1. 1hdc in every stitch for 1 round

2. **1sc in first stitch (in the loop, not in the space between stitches), skip 2 stitches, 5dc in same stitch, skip 2 stitches**; repeat from ** for the whole round.

Slip stitch to close and weave loose ends.


ps: it’s my first time at writing a pattern in english, so please let me know if you find any mistakes or if some parts are unclear!