Pattern of the week: thinking of… pincushions!

Hi everyone!

here is an easy peasy pattern and I can’t believe I haven’t shared it yet! I have made several pincushions out of this pattern for maily two reasons: you can crochet one in less than one hour, and they’re so cute that they’re always very well received as gifts! 🙂 They’re nothing too complicated to make or too “overwhelming” to be gifted as a nice “thank you” … plus it’s african flowers pattern once again! YAY! Can you actually ever have enough of these cute flowers? I don’t think so, I could have my house covered with them, lol

In the next days I am also probably going to post an update on the baby blanket I am crocheting… I will have to buy more white wool and start joining, it would be nice to be finished over the weekend, but we’ll see.

Now here we go, enjoy the pattern!

African Flower Pincushion


Doesn’t it look sweet? I could eat it… lol

And here is one of those made by me. The pic was taken at night and I might have exagerated with Snapseed, so coloring is a bit off, sorry!

African flower pin cushion. Pattern from @ravelry

Pattern of the week: thinking of… crochet flowers!

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another Pattern Of The Week! This time I picked a very nice crochet pattern, which could be used for a number of projects, e.g. potholders, pillows, coasters, blankets… or even a purse maybe!

It’s a newly released pattern from Ravelry, which caught my eye straight away!

However, before go on to the POTW, I would like to give you a “heads up” about a pattern I have posted earlier this week. I have messed up something with the post, so probably you got no notification.

The “Not Your Valentine” hat pattern has been released and is now available for free HERE through “Pay with a tweet or Facebook”. If you have neither of them you can still download it from Ravelry, but I would really appreciate your help with spreading the word, thanks!


And now… are you ready for these colorful flowers?


Crochet flower “Elealinda” – free crochet pattern


The pattern is for free, but you need to register to download it.

Crocheted flower pouch

It was my co-worker’s birthday in March and she asked me to crochet something for her. She actually wanted a hat, but the weather kept getting warmer and warmer here and I’ve been so busy with work that I didn’t have a free minute to go and buy some cotton.

After much thinking I decided to challenge myself with a crocheted pouch 🙂

I didn’t find a satisfying pattern on Ravelry, so I made up one. In the meantime, my grandmother gave me some books that get had gotten as a present from my grandfather almost 30 years ago (sweet!), so that I can use them and I found a very nice rose pattern in there, which I decided to try.

In the meantime, my coworker resigned from work and I still haven’t finished her present. Shame on me, but geez, I’m working so much these days! I’ll have to keep the pouch for myself, I’m afraid. I still want to add some red paillettes on the flower, to make it a bit more sparkly 🙂

Crochet coin purse

Picture is terrible, anyway, you can even see that I added a zipper, something that I had never managed to do before. What do you think of it?

Pretty Puff hat – fail?

I wanted to make the Pretty Puff Slouchy Hat pattern from so much and I’ve been obsessed by it ever since I read the post, so I recently bought some super soft and bulky wool at the local market and started working on it…but I’m so disappointed!

Dunno what went wrong with it… the wool seemed to be right, the hook was right, the pattern was right, but no way it managed to come out the supposed way!

First of all, I had to re-do the whole thing FOUR times, cause it kept being too small. I had to add about 6 more rows in the first part of the hat and still, when I put it on it’s sooooo tight! The puffs are super cute, I even added a purple knitted flower on the side, but still.. it looks like I stole the hat from my little sister. I am so sad about that, really.

Here is a picture of the “cute disaster”, any advices on where I went wrong? I couldn’t try to make it even bigger cause I had run out of yarn. I bought 2 skeins and they were the last ones in the store… *sniff*

Crocheted puff stitch hat
Everyone said it loks great, but I feel uncomfortable at wearing it…

Here is the crocheted flower:
Crocheted Flower on my Puff stitch hat :)
Pattern HERE