Pattern of the week: thinking of… where is spring??

Hello my lovelies!

I am very very sorry for the long absence… I got eaten up by University duties, but I have good news: I finished writing my PhD thesis! That means that, if everything goes well, in June I will finally have my PhD in Cultural Anthrpology, a dream came true! The last 5 months have been definitely stressful, but having finished is definitely rewarding 🙂

Anyway, enoughabout that!

How is spring going where you live? Here in northern Italy it’s still looking weird. last week it actually snowed! lol Since then it has just been raining and raining, which is quite depressing. This is the longest winter ever, for real!

So, since I am definitely missing sunlight, warmer temperatures, flowers and everything else that *should* come with spring, I have picked a pattern that surely will remind you of all of that! lol


Simple Peacock Earrings


If you have a second, I would look through all her patterns, there are some very funny ones which I would totally make myself, such as a Habanero or Radish Amigurumi, or even a wig hat!