I love you kitty, but…

Have you ever had any of your FO’s ruined by a pet?

My mother in law keeps making fun of me saying that I just love the knitting/crocheting process, but I don’t care what’s the outcome, since she’s never seen me wearing anything that I’ve made for myself.

Well, that could be true, but I have a better explanation for it: my cat is a monster. 🙂

In the 2 years that she’s been living with us she has ruined a cardi, my Manos Urchin, a huge amount of blythe hats and now… this

Yep, that’s the Kauno Ishbel that I had knitted a while ago and finally wanted to block in order to prove my in law wrong.  I swear I left the cat alone in the same room with the shawl for not longer than 15 seconds and this was the outcome ;( and not happy with the result she started rubbing her head and back on it leaving it covered with white hair.

As you can notice, she still managed to look totally adorable while doing so O.O


You can’t really be pissed at animals for ruining something, I guess, still I have been disappointed the whole day after it happened 😦 I don’t know if it can be fixed but I guess not. Once more, hours of knitting have gone to waste.

Can anyone relate to that? Tips? Experiences?

I’d love to hear your stories!

Blocking knit/crochet garments

Have you ever wondered how to block knit garments??
I must say that I knit mostly hats and other small accessories which don’t require much care, and I tend to avoid blocking them as long as it’s possible simply cause the whole blocking procedure pretty much scares me!

Remember when I mentioned having almost finished my Glitter Shrug after months of dead boring stockinette stitch? Well, I DID finish it and after reading a couple of tutorials I found online I decided it needed to be blocked… well, I don’t know what I did wrong, but it “gained” at least 2 sizes and it’s huge!!! I have decided to try and block it again, hoping that the cat will avoid sleeping on the wet garment this time 🙂 so I have been looking for more tutorials and I found this video which turned out to be more helpful than many others I read.


Do you have a fave tutorial that you’d like to share?