Request a Custom Order

Is your baby already a fashionista?
Then my baby blankts are what you were looking for.

Finally! A beautiful crocheted baby blanket in very trendy and fashionable colours!

Crocheted in a warm merino wool and acrylic blend, easy to take care of and super soft! It can be washed a number of times and still remains perfect 🙂

Order your custom crocheted baby blanket!

The picures below are just EXAMPLES of what my baby blankets look like. Almost any colour combination, design and size are possible!

Please email me if interested, I’ll get back to you asap with an estimated price and shipping time 🙂
Price depends from number of colours chosen and blanket size/number of squares.

The following prices are INDICATIVE, just to give you an idea

Squares blankets:

4×5 blanket (20 squares): 85$-65€. (5 colours)

6×5 blanket (30 squares): 98$-75€ (6 colours)

Each square is ~ 13cm/5.11 inches.

Non squares blankets (solid colour or striped): price depends on size. A 60×80 cm (23.5×31.5″) blanket should cost around 85$-65€.

Please keep in mind that the relatively higher costs depend from the high quality materials I use, and in particular an acrylic/wool blend which is machine washable. It’s a bit more expensive, but you get a baby blanket which won’t change its shape after the fist wash and will always look perfect.

Please keep in mind that it might take up to 4-5 weeks for the blanket to be ready and shipped.

For infos please fill in the form below, or check the listings here @ ETSY   –  @DAWANDA

Examples of completed custom projects… 🙂

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie

Alex - Baby Blanket

Custom baby blanket

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