Autumn is coming <3

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September and October are probably my two favourite months of the year. I love September because although it gets chillier and chillier pretty fast, you still get some beautiful sunny days for you to enjoy 🙂 I love October because the whole nature starts changing its colours and on the 14th it is my birthday… so yay for presents!

I had to leave my crochet obsession on the side for a while. I think I needed a change, so I turned to knitting! 🙂 I don’t think I am a very talented knitter, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

I started last sunday a fingerless mittens project. Pattern is Graffiti on the Metro, by Kimberie Pettit. I had another pattern in mind, but my gauge wasn’t matching and I was too lazy to do the maths by myself. I have completed one mitt so far, so expect pictures soon! I used a self striping yarn that I found at my mum’s place, which unluckily isn’t “striping” as much as I had wished, but it’s 100% wool, so it should be warm 🙂

As I said, by bday is approaching, so I already got me my present for myself! It’s a super cool 100% wool purple yarn! I am thinking of making a pullover, maybe with cables?? I also would like to knit a dress though, so maybe a looooong pullover? I still haven’t found the right inspiration, so if you have suggestions just let me know!

Foto 22-09-14 13 19 01

The weather was so nice yesterday that my bf and I decided to go to see some lakes here nearby 🙂 I have been living here for 20 years and I didn’t even know that they existed, can you believe that? We arrived at sundown and the scenery was extremely beautiful…

Pusiano Lake

Foto 21-09-14 17 37 29

Alserio Lake

Foto 21-09-14 18 58 07

I love this second picture because the reflex on the water looks like Japanese Mount Fuji, ehehe

The city I live in, Monza, hosts a Royal Palace, which was actually used as the King’s holiday house during the 19th and 20th Century, until the end of WW2. The palace was then used for expositions until the late 1980’s, when it was closed and literally left to rotten becaus of lack of funds, I suppose.

Luckily three years ago they started renovating it and it was officially re-opened last week, so I had the chance to see it for the first time in my life… it was so exciting! It felt like being on holiday for a couple of hours, I couldn’t believe we had such a hidden treasure in our town.

Here are some pics… taken with my phone, so sorry for the poor quality!

Foto 18-09-14 12 30 05 Foto 18-09-14 12 34 30 Foto 18-09-14 12 41 03 Foto 18-09-14 12 53 16 Foto 18-09-14 12 58 45 Foto 18-09-14 13 00 38

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a new baby blanket and Ishbel 2.1

Hi everyone!

Long time no see! Not much going on here actually, I am just mainly working an studying. It’s been extremely warm here lately, so I’ve also taken a chance to travel a bit around during the weekeneds and search for a more comfortable temperature.

Knit/crochet-wise, I have finally started working again on some projects. First, I have started a baby blanket which is a custom order due in october. It’s a solid colour blanket… I am not sure I am liking the outcome so far though. What do you think? It’s not that I don’t like it… i was just feeling like trying some new granny square patterns, but we already had selected a solid colour yarn, so i’ll have to go with it. Pattern is Greta’s Blankie 🙂


Moreover, I was feeling like knitting lately, so i decided to give a third try at the Ishbel pattern, by Ysolda Teague. I have frogged the one I had made a while back, cause it turned out to be too small (see this post) and my cat had destroyed part of it, and i have started it all over. i have now picked the bigger size and i have finished the first lace pattern repeat.

It’s a bit hard to photograph cause it is curling a bit, but here is a picture I took some days ago. In the meantime i already came to the orange/brown shade. i love love love self striping yarn!

Foto 11-08-13 10 59 14



I am planning to go buying some new colourful yarn soon. I actually can’t wait for the cold season to start crocheting regularly again! I hope to get new custom orders in soon, they are my fave ones, it’s a nice feeling when you can make a customer happy 🙂

A recent project… more fingerless gloves!

The Fingerless Glove Fanatics group on Ravelry is so addictive!

I am a Fingerless Mittens collector myself, I just love them… I have almost any colours, both knitted and crocheted, and I must admit that I love buying them at Accessorize, eheh

However, they’re also very fun to make and definitely a quick project. The only negative aspect, if you ask me, is that you need to make two, which in my case seems to negatively impact the “yay, a new project!!!” excitement as soon as I finish the first one.

Being a memeber of a Knit Along group definitely helps getting projects completed though, which is nice!

In April I have decided to cast on the Seeta Fingerless Gloves (pattern from Ravelry) and they turned out great. I am so happy with the result and I can’t wait for the cold season to come back so that I can wear them (not that it actually ever went away… today it is raining dogs and cats and wearing a scarf wouldn’t be inappropriate).
Here is the usual Ravelry button, click on it to be redirected to the original pattern 🙂

And here are my lovelies. I have taken the pics before having completed the thumbs, which is my personal pet peeve when it comes to knitting gloves, if you ask me. Anyway, they’re finished, blocked and looking beautiful in my drawer now.

On my needles: "Seeta fingerless mitts". Pattern from Ravelry.

"Seeta fingerless mitts" pattern from Ravelry. WIP

The pattern required some modifications though, cause IMHO the sizing is totally off. If you cast on the indicated 30 stitches, and have a correct gauge, you end up with a wrist circumference of 12 cm/4.7 inches, which doesn’t seem to fit any adult female wrist, or at least didn’t fit mine!

Pattern of the week: thinking of… spring bags!

Hello my dear friends!

Here I am with this week’s Pattern of the week 🙂

I have found this pattern which I think is very nice and definitely worth a try 🙂
I used to knit myself purses when I was a teenager, but i have never made anything similar to this… It’s definitely next on my queue!

The pattern is for free, but you need to register to the website to download it. The website has other very nice pattern as well, so why not? Enjoy!

Spring Bag


And by the way…

Have you entered the GIVEAWAY yet? If not please do so! More entries would be very welcome 🙂

STRAWBERRY FIELDS POTHOLDER GIVEWAY click the link for a chance to win!

Pattern of the week: thinking of… stripes and cardi’s!

Hello there!

I have a cool cool cool pattern for you, or at least in my opinion it definitely is!

I love cardigans and stripes and this pattern has both, so lucky me! eheh I actually already have two cardis which look exactly the same, though they are knitted in cotton and have short sleeves. I got them from Zara a couple of years ago.

I guess you can say that I like garments with an unconventional construction 🙂

I am always a bit concerned about stripes though, since the danger of making something look like a pijama is always around the corner. Stripes can be tricky, picking out the right colour ombination can actually make the difference between a dull piece and something that will be everyone’s center of attention!

So, here is the pattern, I hope you will like it. I have added some extra picts of colour combos which I think that look particularly well, enjoy!


and now some cool examples 🙂


by POF on Ravelry


by wendygene on Ravelry


And what about using a solid colour with a nicely textured stitch?

by nina0 on Ravelry

Pattern(s) of the week: thinking of… hearts!

Hello people!
This post was supposed to go up last week, but well… We still have 2 days before Valentine’s, so I guess that technically we are still in time 🙂

Here are some hearts/love themed patters that I have put together for you.

And if you’re single (like me! lol), or just not celebrating Valentine’s day, there are a ton of other uses for these projects! 🙂 My personal fave are the last two. Cute cute cute!


Springtime in my Heart


Love Bug Amigurumi


Lovely crocheted hearts

“Not your Valentine” hat :) And I’m loving it!

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for being a bit absent lately… I am writing the final chapters of my PhD thesis and it’s driving me nuts! lol I just want to be done with it as quickly as possible, but on the other hand I am sick and tired of the whole thing, so “oh joy”. Still three weeks to go before the final deadline. I guess I will survive till then 😀


Anyway, since I’m spending most of my evenings in and I was feeling the need of doing something different from the usual stuff, I have knitted a fair isle hat. The hearts pattern is from Ravelry and I have already used it several times, but the hat pattern is mine 🙂 I had actually already knitted a very similar hat, but in Blythe size, so well, I virtually have a mini-me now! lol

Here are some pics… It took 3 evenings to knit it and I have been taking pics the next day to show progress. How do you like it?

I named it “Not your Valentine”… lol


Day 1

Fair Isle hat knitting pattern, soon available at stay tuned!

Day 2

"Not your valentine" fair isle hat, day 2 progress :)

Day 3

"Not your Valentine" fair isle hat... Finished! ❤❤❤

And here is my Blythe Ali wearing the same hat!

Ali modelling "Hearts Queen" hat :)

Weaving in ends as you go… yes you can!

Hi my dears!

I have a video for you this week… not really a pattern of the week, but rather a tutorial of the week, eheh 🙂

Remember about my striped mittens and the 3847464949 ends to weave in? After finishing the first one I decided I couldn’t be bothered with doing it all over again (lol, that’s why I usually don’t knit anything that comes in a pair!) so I started looking for a tutorial for weaving in ends as you go. I actually could have looked for it waaaay earlier, since it is something that one is always going to need, no matter what, but oh well!

This method works for Stockinette Stitch only, which is what I needed, but it’s pretty neat and I’m sure that with some modifications it could be applied to other stitches as well 🙂

Pics of my finished mittes (yes, FINISHED) will follow 🙂



And, here are my Align Mitts.

Ok ok, I admit it, they still need to be blocked, but the knitting is done 🙂 I’m pretty happy with the result! They look extrememly cheerful, which is nice when you have such foggy days as today…


Foto 29-01-13 09 24 15Foto 29-01-13 09 25 07


As you can see the ends get worked together with the regular stitches and they are not visible from the right side of the work… neat or what? Now on to cutting those tails and giving thoses mitts a good blocking!

Pattern of the week: thinking of… easy peasy mittens!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a nice and relaxing week and that the upcoming weekend will be even better! I’m actually leaving for Austria tomorrow, I’ll have the last exam for my PhD on Monday and I’m looking very forward to it. Once I’m done with that I will JUST have to finish my final paper and I’ll finally get my PhD title… yay! In February I’ll be already lecturing on eco-tourism and I still have to prepare everything… busy, busy me!

Anyway, there is nothing better that knitting or crocheting when you need to unravel your thoughts, dont’t you think? I think that having such a hobby really helped me keeping my sanity in these last three years of crazy studying. lol

Since my brain is a bit fried at the moment I needed a pattern that would allow me to have to think as little as possible.

I joined a group on Ravelry called Fingerless Gloves fanatics 🙂 They’re having a Mitts KAL/CAL every month and I have decided to jump in!

So well, here is this week’s pattern of the week 🙂


recipe of the month :: align mitts

by Courtney Spainhower

I am really happy to be able to show you a work in progress for once! So here is my first mitten almost done. I really wanted to use a self striping yarn, but the one I had in my stash wasn’t really striping, since the stitches are too few 😦 so well, I made my own with scraps left from other projects!

I really like how it looks so far, it reminds me of Rainbow Brite eheh

Once I’m done with these mitts I really hope that the Ends Fairy will weave those 1928374658 ends in for me while I’m asleep  😉
Aling Mitts - WIP

Pattern of the week: thinking of… textured hats!

You should know it already by now: I love hats. I love knitting them, crocheting them and wearing them. And I haven’t posted a hat patter for way too long now. lol

I picked this one on a quest for a pattern that would help me using up some leftovers of Kauni wool I have. Those skeins are neverending, really. I actually have 2 more of them in different colorways and I have no idea hat to do with them 🙂

Anyway, here is the pattern, I really hope that you like cables and waffle stitch cause this is what is all about… lovely of what?


And here are my 3 babies… the one in the middle is the skein that I’d like to use up, it has marvellous shades! The other two are a grey one going to lilac and a brown going to purple ❤ ❤ ❤

Kauni yarn