Pattern of the week: thinking of… more and more stitches!

Hi everyone!

How are you doing? I am still waiting for spring! lol

It IS getting warmer, but not as warm as I would like to, plus it’s been raining for the past 3 weeks… sigh.

Anyway, since I am already in a spring-summer mood, I find it hard to look through projects of heavy cabled sweathers, blankets, cowls and chunky knits! When it gets warmer I am just in the mood for small projects: mittes, cozies, purses, potholders and the like. Does it happen to you as well?

For this week’s POTW I have picked a small project, which is definitely a simple one. I have picked it maily because I find the stitch to be interesting and very versatile… it could be used for a number of things! And the pencilcase/purse if extremely cute! Too bad I don’t go to school anymore… lol

So here it is. What would you crochet with it?

Spike cluster stitch purse


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Pattern of the week: thinking of… where is spring??

Hello my lovelies!

I am very very sorry for the long absence… I got eaten up by University duties, but I have good news: I finished writing my PhD thesis! That means that, if everything goes well, in June I will finally have my PhD in Cultural Anthrpology, a dream came true! The last 5 months have been definitely stressful, but having finished is definitely rewarding 🙂

Anyway, enoughabout that!

How is spring going where you live? Here in northern Italy it’s still looking weird. last week it actually snowed! lol Since then it has just been raining and raining, which is quite depressing. This is the longest winter ever, for real!

So, since I am definitely missing sunlight, warmer temperatures, flowers and everything else that *should* come with spring, I have picked a pattern that surely will remind you of all of that! lol


Simple Peacock Earrings


If you have a second, I would look through all her patterns, there are some very funny ones which I would totally make myself, such as a Habanero or Radish Amigurumi, or even a wig hat!

Pattern(s) of the week: thinking of… hearts!

Hello people!
This post was supposed to go up last week, but well… We still have 2 days before Valentine’s, so I guess that technically we are still in time 🙂

Here are some hearts/love themed patters that I have put together for you.

And if you’re single (like me! lol), or just not celebrating Valentine’s day, there are a ton of other uses for these projects! 🙂 My personal fave are the last two. Cute cute cute!


Springtime in my Heart


Love Bug Amigurumi


Lovely crocheted hearts

Pattern of the week: thinking of… easy peasy mittens!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a nice and relaxing week and that the upcoming weekend will be even better! I’m actually leaving for Austria tomorrow, I’ll have the last exam for my PhD on Monday and I’m looking very forward to it. Once I’m done with that I will JUST have to finish my final paper and I’ll finally get my PhD title… yay! In February I’ll be already lecturing on eco-tourism and I still have to prepare everything… busy, busy me!

Anyway, there is nothing better that knitting or crocheting when you need to unravel your thoughts, dont’t you think? I think that having such a hobby really helped me keeping my sanity in these last three years of crazy studying. lol

Since my brain is a bit fried at the moment I needed a pattern that would allow me to have to think as little as possible.

I joined a group on Ravelry called Fingerless Gloves fanatics 🙂 They’re having a Mitts KAL/CAL every month and I have decided to jump in!

So well, here is this week’s pattern of the week 🙂


recipe of the month :: align mitts

by Courtney Spainhower

I am really happy to be able to show you a work in progress for once! So here is my first mitten almost done. I really wanted to use a self striping yarn, but the one I had in my stash wasn’t really striping, since the stitches are too few 😦 so well, I made my own with scraps left from other projects!

I really like how it looks so far, it reminds me of Rainbow Brite eheh

Once I’m done with these mitts I really hope that the Ends Fairy will weave those 1928374658 ends in for me while I’m asleep  😉
Aling Mitts - WIP

Pattern of the week: thinking of… textured hats!

You should know it already by now: I love hats. I love knitting them, crocheting them and wearing them. And I haven’t posted a hat patter for way too long now. lol

I picked this one on a quest for a pattern that would help me using up some leftovers of Kauni wool I have. Those skeins are neverending, really. I actually have 2 more of them in different colorways and I have no idea hat to do with them 🙂

Anyway, here is the pattern, I really hope that you like cables and waffle stitch cause this is what is all about… lovely of what?


And here are my 3 babies… the one in the middle is the skein that I’d like to use up, it has marvellous shades! The other two are a grey one going to lilac and a brown going to purple ❤ ❤ ❤

Kauni yarn

Pattern of the week: thinking of… a statement scarf! :)

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you’re all feeling in a festive mood and enjoyed this supposedly last day of our era 🙂 Apparently the world wasn’t supposed to end today, so yay! time to concentrate on our knitting/crocheting projects during the holidays 🙂

I am going to leave for the seaside in a couple of days. I’m going to visit my grandmother, who is going to turn 87 soon. She’s not been feeling too good lately, so I’m very eager to see her. The last time that I have managed to visit her was in July, so I guess that a visit is well due. I have made her a Ishbel shawl and I hope that she will like it. It is the first time that I give her something that I have personally knitted, so I’m a bit nervous… lol she tought me how to knit when I still was going to primary school, and she was a real master! I’ve never seen anyone else being so talented with needles and hooks ❤

Anyway, enough about that! Here is this week’s Pattern of the week. I hope that you will like it. It’s a very interesting one, in my opinion.

And by the way, I wish you all a Marry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and a wonderful New Year 2013!

See you again in January!


Yummy Puff Stitch Scarf

Pattern of the week: thinking of… ornaments!

Guess what? Guess what?

Christmas is approaching… you hadn’t noticed, eh? 🙂 I don’t know how it is like in the area where you live, but here in Milano I’ve seen the first Christmas decorations appearing at the end of October already… lol

Anyway, now that we are really close to Christmas, it is about time to do some decorating! I’ve put together some ideas and I hope that you will like them 🙂 They’re good for Christmas as well as for some other general “winter decorations”, in case some of you don’t celebrate it.


Christmas Star!

Owl Ornaments

This “owl-craze” doesn’t seem to cease! lol

Mini Mits and Hats


Star Decoration