Pattern of the week: thinking of… tiles!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the quite long break… I’ve been as usual very busy with woking and studying, and most of all, I’m extremely tired 😦 but I’m finally going on holidays in 10 days or so… yay! I am most probably going to visit Barcelona, in Spain. It will be fun!

Has anyone of you been there? It’s going to be my first time visiting mainland Spain actually. Do you maybe have any yarn/craft stores in the area to recommend? Tips? things that can’t be missed? If so, please let me know! i’d love to hear about that.

Anyway, the upcoming holiday has finally put me in a crocheting mood again. I have also sold a couple of baby blankets in the past 2 weeks, so i’ll have to make something new for my Etsy store. i have been looking for inspirational patterns and came across this one. I had actually been looking for a *free* pattern for something similar for ages, so yay! I am going to buy some new yarn in the next days, i have already picked some palettes, but not a pattern. i will surprise you with some new pattern 😉

And now, on to this week’s pattern!

Cascade Afghan

by Craft Yarn Council of America


A simple pattern that actually creates a textured effect which reminds me of mosaics and coloured tiles! I am definitely loving it and it looks nice just in any colour combination!

here are some more examples taken from Ravelry


by ElinElla


by dahlofwool

So how do you like it?

Lazy crocheting, mailing list subscription and a discount

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? I have finally found a job and started working last week. It’s not exactly my dream job, but I only have a 3 months contract, so I’ll have a chance to look for something different in September. The best thing about this job is that I only work mo-fri from 9 to 6, which for most of you probably sounds totally normal, but having always worked in retail it’s a nice change for me 🙂 I’m not used to all that free time! lol

It’s been pretty hot lately, so I have put my crocheting activities by side. I’ve actually done some lazy crocheting when I felt like it. I’ve picked up a blanket which has been a WIP for years now, plus I’ve tested some new granny squares. I have a custom baby blanket due in october, so I still have plenty of time. i have picked the yarn, but I’m not sure about the pattern. You’ll surely get more updates about it in the near future 😉


I have made 16 squares out of the planned 32 so far and it’s going to fit a single bed once it’s finished.
Pattern: “princess white roses knee rug” by Janet Hobbs

Moreover, I got halfway through the “harriett square” by Carolyn Christmas



I have also created a new mailing list for my online shop.

Subscribe now to SCD’s mailing list to get updates about new products, discounts, released patterns and custom orders! No spam, I promise: ) To sign up please click on the banner below.


And last but not leats, from today till Aug.15th with code “SUMMER2013” you’ll get a 125 discount on all orders above 2€ placed at my ETSY SHOP. Enjoy!


Selecting colours for your projects

Picking the right colours for a knit/crochet project can be quite tricky.

I often find myself staring at pictures of wonderful ripple blankets, granny squares and other things and think “how did they manage to select those colours?!?” since they just seen to be perfectly blending together.

Therefore I have been doing a bit of research to see if there is anything that can actually help.

First, I would say that finding a store that carries a wide range of colours of the same brand can be pretty vital. I know people that manage to beautifully mix and match yarns of different materials and weights, but for me that’s a no go. I could say that it is my personal pet peeve when it comes to crochet. I hate seeing different yarns reflecting the light in different ways, some being matte, some being shiny… when I start a project I usually make sure I have all the yarn I need and that it’s all from the same brand.

Second, I found this very useful and well written explanation of Colour Theory using a colour wheel. If you have never read anything about the topic, I highly recommend you to do so, plus the pictures are pretty self explanatory and will work well for future references.



You can find it at

Third, you can seek for help from professionals 🙂 i have a favourite website for this, that is Design Seeds. They have a large selection of colour palettes based on pictures or moods. They are also very beautifully put together, I love looking through them and imagine what wonderful projects they could be turned into! I’m linking to some of them just so that you can have an idea of what it is all about.





What about you? Do you have any speacial method when it comes to picking out colours for your projects? I’d be very curious to know them!

Random :)

I’ve had quite a busy week so far, which is quite funny cause I am done with uni and I haven’t found a job yet, so one would think that i actually have nothing to do all day long… lol

I’m just going to post a couple of pics I took in the past days, nothing special 🙂

Foto 17-06-13 10 28 05

This is a view of the city I live in, Monza, in northern Italy. The pic was taken at about 2 pm on an extremely hot day… I was melting!  I was the only person walking by, it looked like a ghost town!

Foto 21-06-13 15 18 21

I was also testing some patterns, since I am looking for inspiration for my next crochet projects. This one is the famous “Squaring the big circle” pattern by Kate Jenks. It was supposed to be a 12″ square (30 cm), but i used a different yarn and a much smaller hook, so in the end it’s about half that size. It’s still pretty big, I must say! I like the pattern, I might use it for a new rug or blanket once i have enough scrap yarn of different colours!

By the way, here is the ravelry link

Foto 21-06-13 21 32 38


And…….. last but not least! i went to a Limp Bizkit concert last night! I used to be a huge fan of them in my early 20’s (so yes, that’s a good 10 years ago) and I took a chance to finally see them live 🙂 It was a cool concert, I definitely had lots of fun!

Pattern of the week: thinking of… a crochet chain necklace!

You have surely seen them around.

I have spotted many of them in retail stores, as well as on Instagram… chain necklaces with crochet details!

I must admit that I totally love the idea and I’d be eager to give it a try!

I am sharing 2 patterns, one of them is in Dutch, but definitely straight forward if you want to get an idea of the process behind it.


ps: I have decided to make my blog bilingual (english and italian) as much as possible 🙂 i hope you won’t mind!


Sicuramente le avete già viste in giro.

A me è capitato di vederne in alcuni negozi di moda, ma ce ne sono un sacco anche su internet e su Instagram… collane a catena con inserti fatti all’uncinetto!

A me piacciono tantissimo e mi piacerebbe provare a farne qualcuna!

Condivido due pattern, uno dei quali è in olandese, ma è comunque facile capire il procedimento anche solo guardando le foto.


DIY: Crochet Chain Necklaces

by Miss P.

This pattern is not from ravelry, but you can access it here:

Crochet chain necklace

picture by Ravelry User “margotta”

baby blanket “try again”

A friend of mine asked me to make him a baby blanket, since one of his best friends is having a baby soon.

I had a lot of grey wool, so i decided to go for an easy patter with a nice texture. I usually make very colourful blankets cause i am a colour freak and I secretly wish i could keep them all for myself (lol), so this time I though I’d go out of my comfort zone and try something classy 🙂


First of all, I decided it would be a knit blanket, to do something different from the usual 🙂 I started knitting on one of the fist warm and sunny days in may and I chose the seed stitch, which gave a nicely textured yet “squishy” effect.

I had to put the project by side for a couple of weeks though, cause I was busy studying for my PhD defensio. The nigh before the big day I started working on it again so I could relax a bit… I ended up knitting some 25 cm of it in total… It was looking so nice!


BUT the day after I woke up to a not-so-nice surprise… Sissi, my devilish kitty and actually the *real* craftykitty, had managed to open the sealed bag I had stored my project in and had been playing with it the whole night, creating a series of holes, loopy strands and overall making a mess out of it.

I know all pets’ parents believe that their animals are special, but believe me… mine is VERY special. She is a real wool lover, to the extent that I have to buy skeins specifically for her, so that she can play with them without ruining mines. Anyhow, she won’t accept them if I just give them to her… she doesn’t want HER skeins, she wants MINES! So i need to set up all kind of possible situations where she can steal the skein from me, though it’s actually meant for her. I would usually knit or crochet a couple of rows and leave the skein freely moving on the floor so that it catches her attention. Moreover, she only likes 100% wool yarn… blends or acryclic are no option for her, she wants the expensive stuff!

Say “Hi” to my small moster! 🙂 look at those eyes… clearly craving for mum’s wool! lol


Anyway, It took me a week to overcome the trauma and finally frog that poor thing which once was going to be a blanket, cut ruined yarn strands and try to save as much of it as possible…

I have now started crocheting a new blanket. I was looking for a pattern I hadn’t tried yet and I came across this one, which looks pretty neat and is definitely an easy one:

Baby Blanket

And here is my version… I’m loving the texture and using a hook size 6 (J)  it’s also working up pretty fast!

I wanted to crochet the edging in a different colour though, as in the original pattern, but I can’t decide which colour! What do you suggest? it’s going to be for a baby boy 🙂


Pattern of the week: thinking of… fancy baby booties!

Hi everyone!

I don’t often post baby patterns because unluckily there are no babies in my family. I think that baby items leave you a great deal of freedom in the choice of colours and patterns, but you need to be confident with baby sizes if you want to get things right. I was asked to crochet a hat for a 2 yo boy a while ago, and that required more studies in children anatomy that if I had to become a dotor. lol The hat’s fit ended up being perfect, but that was 90% luck if you ask me!

Anyway, I bumped into this pattern last week and I just wish I knew someone who has a baby girl just to make a ton of them… lol




Bow Booties

Arbol 007