Confetti baby blanket

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Hi everyone!
I have lots to write about, but as usual I am super busy with work… I am currently writing a chapter for a book and my brain is just overloaded with information lol
To avoid losing my mind I’ve been crocheting like crazy… crochet is definitely like yoga.
So well, I’ve finally finished my Confetti baby blanket last night! I still have to weave a couple thousands ends in, to wash it an block it, but I am so excited that I wanted to share some photos with you. Better pictures to come soon!
Here it is in all it’s glorious beauty, plus progress shots I took along the way. Enjoy!

Foto 04-11-14 09 51 13


Foto 03-09-14 13 29 00

the 100 squares milestone 🙂

Foto 20-10-14 11 02 14

Almost there… approaching 130 squares!

Foto 29-10-14 09 14 02

Crocheting the edging, my favourite part

Foto 01-11-14 10 41 17


And yay! All finished… what will I do with myself now? I NEED a new project to work on!!

I always get sad when I finish crocheting a blanket… it’s like reading a good book, you get so much into it that you rush to the end page and just can’t put it down till it’s over, but once you get there you start feeling totally melancholic. Can you relate to that?

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I love you kitty, but…

Have you ever had any of your FO’s ruined by a pet?

My mother in law keeps making fun of me saying that I just love the knitting/crocheting process, but I don’t care what’s the outcome, since she’s never seen me wearing anything that I’ve made for myself.

Well, that could be true, but I have a better explanation for it: my cat is a monster. 🙂

In the 2 years that she’s been living with us she has ruined a cardi, my Manos Urchin, a huge amount of blythe hats and now… this

Yep, that’s the Kauno Ishbel that I had knitted a while ago and finally wanted to block in order to prove my in law wrong.  I swear I left the cat alone in the same room with the shawl for not longer than 15 seconds and this was the outcome ;( and not happy with the result she started rubbing her head and back on it leaving it covered with white hair.

As you can notice, she still managed to look totally adorable while doing so O.O


You can’t really be pissed at animals for ruining something, I guess, still I have been disappointed the whole day after it happened 😦 I don’t know if it can be fixed but I guess not. Once more, hours of knitting have gone to waste.

Can anyone relate to that? Tips? Experiences?

I’d love to hear your stories!

Ishbel – last post about it, I promise! :P

Here are the long awaited pictures of my finished Ishbel!

I still have to block it, I’m so lazy with such stuff.. I just can’t be bothered! lol I will do my best to do that before my holiday is over though, since the shawl has been finished since february already and it’s been sitting around for MONTHS now! Shame on me!

Anyway, I am so proud of myself for completing it. When I first started knitting I was terrified and yelling “OMG, I droppedyet  ANOTHER stitch!!” all the time and now look 🙂 Pretty impressive if I think that I learnt knitting over Youtube! lol

I actually wonder how many people learnt knitting/crocheting the same way… 🙂
Ishbel - finished

Ishbel - finished

Ishbel - finished