Crochet “join as you go”: single crochet method

Last week I posted a tutorial on how to join crochet squares as you go with a slip stitch method. Today I am going to show a slightly different method that will give a different effect, though it is just as easy! Your squares will be joined through a neat braid that will add texture to your work! It works at its best when you’re joining colours are the same, but as you will see it is fine also using different colours, be creative!

Single crochet join as you go method

Foto 27-06-16, 09 49 04.jpg

Start by making your first square in any pattern you have chosen (SQUARE A, the green one, in my case). Make a second square (SQUARE B) and crochet until you reach the last round: your are going to make the last round and simultaneously join one of the 4 sides with the previously made square.

First of all, crochet square B until you reach the FIRST CORNER. My corner is made of 2dc, 2ch, 2 dc. So make the first 2 dc in the ch2 space from the previous round, slip stitch into the ch2 space of square A, ch 1:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 00 26

Foto 15-07-16, 09 05 25.jpg

Now make the first of the other 2 dc of corner space, DO NOT REMOVE HOOK FROM LOOP, insert it in the back loop of the first corner dc of square A

Foto 15-07-16, 09 05 47

Foto 15-07-16, 09 05 58

Yarn over and draw hook though the back loop of square A (two loops on hook)

Foto 15-07-16, 09 06 14

yarn over (3 loops on hook), draw hook through two loops

Foto 15-07-16, 09 06 29.jpg

Work every stitch the same way until you get to the corner again, after you work the first 2 dc in corner space, slip stitch into ch 2 space of square A, ch 1 ad continue working as normal. your joined squares will look like this:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 08 21.jpg

Here is another example of a finished round:

Foto 21-05-16, 08 48 42

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Thank you for looking 🙂


Temperature crochet blanket pattern

Since I have joined the “Temperature blanket” group on Facebook I have received quite some compliments about the pattern I have chosen for mine. I have been asked to post a free pattern for my square, so here it is! BTW, if you don’t know what a temperature blanket is I suggest you check the FB page… you’ll find all the infos you need and lots of inspiring pictures 🙂


I just wanted to make a square with not too many holes (it was my bf’s only request, he says that blanket with loops look “cold” lol), but that still would add a bit of texture to my crochet blanket. I don’t know if this pattern already existed in any copyrighted version, if it does please let me know and I’ll remove this post.

It’s such an easy and simple pattern that I have just pictured and written down the first 3 rounds. You can make as many or as few as you want, depending on how big your blanket (or other item) is meant to be. My squares consist of 7 rounds and are about 13 cm wide using a 4 mm hook. If I had to remake my blanket I would consider making lesser rounds, as it gets boring sometimes… especially when you’re 3 months behind and desperately want to catch up! But that’s another story 😛

Now on to the temperature blanket crochet pattern!


Abbreviations : 

ss = slip stitch

ch = chain

ch3 = chain 3 – takes the place of a dc at the beginning of every round

st = stitches

dc = double crochet

fpdc = front post double crochet (free tutorial available here:


Make a magic loop/ring (4 tutorials available here:

Round 1 

ch3 (counts as first dc), 2dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, 3dc, ch2, join with ss to 3rd ch of beginning ch3

{3 x dc along each side, 4 x 2 ch corner spaces}

Foto 13-07-16, 15 31 26.jpg

picture shows the first round completed

Round 2 

ch 3 (counts as first dc), fpdc in next stitch (central dc of the 3 from round one), dc in next stitch, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in 2 ch space, first side and corner complete

dc in next st, fpdc in next st (central dc of the 3 made for round one), dc in next st, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in 2 ch space, second side and corner complete

dc in next st, fpdc in next st (central dc of the 3 made for round one), dc in next st, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in 2 ch space, third side and corner complete

dc in next sts, fpdc in next st (central dc of the 3 made for round one), dc in next st, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in 2 ch space, fourth side and corner complete, join with a ss to 3rd ch of beginning ch3

{7 dc  + 1 fpdc along each side, 4 x 2 ch spaces}

Foto 13-07-16, 15 32 16.jpg

picture shows where you should insert the hook when making a fpdc

Foto 13-07-16, 15 37 12

picture shows round 2 once completed. you can see the 4 fpdc’s (one on each side)

Round 3 

ch 3 (counts as first dc), fpdc in next stitch (fpdc from the previous round), 1 dc in the next 2 st, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in 2 ch space [corner]

*1 dc in the next 2 st, fpdc in next stitch (fpdc from the previous round), 1 dc in the next 2 st, (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in 2 ch space* [corner]

repeat  from * to * two more times,

1 dc in st before beginning ch3, join with a ss to 3rd ch of beginning ch3

{10 dc + 1 fpdc along each side, 4 x 2 ch spaces}

Foto 13-07-16, 15 37 59

picture shows where you should make the fpdc in every round… just work around the fpdc from the previous round… you can’t miss it!

Rounds 4 to ? 

Depending how big you need your square, continue as for round 3. You will have 4 extra dc along each side each round you do.

Foto 13-07-16, 15 39 21

you’ll soon start seeing the “diamond shape” in the making!

Have fun! and in case you have questions… feel free to ask!


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When I first started this blog, back in 2009, it was a cold and rainy day and I had just started learning how to crochet… I thought it would be nice to keep a diary of my progress (if ever! lol). I would have never imagined that just some years later I would have had almost 300 followers on WordPress, 4000+ on Facebook and that this blog would reach 100.000 hits! Thank you very much to all of you, wherever you are, I hope you enjoyed your visit 🙂

Moreover… it’s my birthday tomorrow! To thank you all for your support I am giving away my “Alex granny square” pattern for free for 24 hours, starting at midnight CET. It’s going to be available on Ravelry only with code “SCDbdaySALE” at this link:

So, the last 10 days have been pretty good, although I have been feeling poorly through the whole past weekend, which on the other hand meant lots of time to knit and crochet! lol

As I had anticipaed, I visited Venice 🙂 I had only been there once more than ten years ago, so I was happy to visit the city with different eyes. Here are some pics for you to enjoy 🙂 I must admit that I liked it much more than the first time I went there, and the weather was so nice!

Foto 05-10-14 07 50 10

Foto 04-10-14 16 13 41

Foto 04-10-14 15 58 54



Foto 05-10-14 12 36 47

Foto 05-10-14 15 30 11

There so many tourists and the streets were packed, so we decided to spend most of out rime in a quarter called Dorsoduro, which is not so touristic and much more authentic, so most of the pics were taken there.

I have also already received my birthday present and I am enjoing playing with it like a crazy crocheter… a yarn winder! I’ve been compulsively making yarn cakes at least for the past 3 days… lol


Foto 09-10-14 17 44 37

I have completed the raglan part in my sweather and I am currently knitting the body, while I’m at square 84 of my Confetti baby blanket, but the weather is horrible and it’s impossible to get nice pictures, so you’ll get an update in my next post! BTW… going to Berlin soon! I can’t wait!

Be happy!

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Hi everyone and happy new year!
I know I have been a bad blogger and neglected you all for a long time, but life’s been hectic and complicated lately 🙂 Blogging more often was definitely one of my new year’s resolutions, so here I am!

This year’s first post is dedicated to a crochet-a-long project called CrochetMoodBlanket2014… has anyone heard of it yet? or maybe is any of you participating? I’d love to know!
The rules are pretty simple: you’re supposed to crochet a granny square a day (or hexagon, or whatever shape you like) for a whole year, picking colours/patterns according to your mood that day. As a variation, you can crochet a square a week. At the end of year 2014 you should end up with a blanket that represents your year in a nice and creative way, either made of 365 or 52 squares. How nice is that?
The idea came from mummy_stacey on Instagram (check out her feed for more infos!) and thousands of people from all over the world have joined in less than a week.

Since I am already busy with a 300+ squares project (more details about that in another post), I decided to go for the 52 squares blanket. Actually 54, since 52 is a weird number, so I’ll make a 6×9 lapghan, which always comes in handy 🙂

Picking a pattern, I must admit, was the hardest part! each time I would make my mind up about something, I’d see another pattern that looked more appealing! lol But in the end I have decided to go for something vintage looking, and – surprise – not as colourful as usual.

Retro Circles Blanket

picture by IfYouSaySo  Flickr

I have been experimenting with colours and hook sizes because I needed to finish with a blanket of a decent size and with only 54 squares it is not to be taken for granted! As for colours… well, I haven’t bought any new yarn yet, but I’m surely going for neutral colours, maybe okra, orange and dark green, with a beige edging.

Here is my square for Week 1. I’m so so happy with it! When my fave yarn store re-opens on jan 7th I’m definitely going to get me all the yarn I need! I can’t wait, I hate being on a yarn diet.

BTW, if someone else is participating and is a member of Instagram, feel free to friend me and I’ll friend you back! I’m sakuraxdreaming.

I’ll do my best to update this blog weekly about this project 😉

Pattern of the week: thinking of… tiles!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the quite long break… I’ve been as usual very busy with woking and studying, and most of all, I’m extremely tired 😦 but I’m finally going on holidays in 10 days or so… yay! I am most probably going to visit Barcelona, in Spain. It will be fun!

Has anyone of you been there? It’s going to be my first time visiting mainland Spain actually. Do you maybe have any yarn/craft stores in the area to recommend? Tips? things that can’t be missed? If so, please let me know! i’d love to hear about that.

Anyway, the upcoming holiday has finally put me in a crocheting mood again. I have also sold a couple of baby blankets in the past 2 weeks, so i’ll have to make something new for my Etsy store. i have been looking for inspirational patterns and came across this one. I had actually been looking for a *free* pattern for something similar for ages, so yay! I am going to buy some new yarn in the next days, i have already picked some palettes, but not a pattern. i will surprise you with some new pattern 😉

And now, on to this week’s pattern!

Cascade Afghan

by Craft Yarn Council of America


A simple pattern that actually creates a textured effect which reminds me of mosaics and coloured tiles! I am definitely loving it and it looks nice just in any colour combination!

here are some more examples taken from Ravelry


by ElinElla


by dahlofwool

So how do you like it?

Lazy crocheting, mailing list subscription and a discount

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? I have finally found a job and started working last week. It’s not exactly my dream job, but I only have a 3 months contract, so I’ll have a chance to look for something different in September. The best thing about this job is that I only work mo-fri from 9 to 6, which for most of you probably sounds totally normal, but having always worked in retail it’s a nice change for me 🙂 I’m not used to all that free time! lol

It’s been pretty hot lately, so I have put my crocheting activities by side. I’ve actually done some lazy crocheting when I felt like it. I’ve picked up a blanket which has been a WIP for years now, plus I’ve tested some new granny squares. I have a custom baby blanket due in october, so I still have plenty of time. i have picked the yarn, but I’m not sure about the pattern. You’ll surely get more updates about it in the near future 😉


I have made 16 squares out of the planned 32 so far and it’s going to fit a single bed once it’s finished.
Pattern: “princess white roses knee rug” by Janet Hobbs

Moreover, I got halfway through the “harriett square” by Carolyn Christmas



I have also created a new mailing list for my online shop.

Subscribe now to SCD’s mailing list to get updates about new products, discounts, released patterns and custom orders! No spam, I promise: ) To sign up please click on the banner below.


And last but not leats, from today till Aug.15th with code “SUMMER2013” you’ll get a 125 discount on all orders above 2€ placed at my ETSY SHOP. Enjoy!


Pattern of the week: thinking of… fancy baby booties!

Hi everyone!

I don’t often post baby patterns because unluckily there are no babies in my family. I think that baby items leave you a great deal of freedom in the choice of colours and patterns, but you need to be confident with baby sizes if you want to get things right. I was asked to crochet a hat for a 2 yo boy a while ago, and that required more studies in children anatomy that if I had to become a dotor. lol The hat’s fit ended up being perfect, but that was 90% luck if you ask me!

Anyway, I bumped into this pattern last week and I just wish I knew someone who has a baby girl just to make a ton of them… lol




Bow Booties

Arbol 007