Crochet “join as you go”: single crochet method

Last week I posted a tutorial on how to join crochet squares as you go with a slip stitch method. Today I am going to show a slightly different method that will give a different effect, though it is just as easy! Your squares will be joined through a neat braid that will add texture to your work! It works at its best when you’re joining colours are the same, but as you will see it is fine also using different colours, be creative!

Single crochet join as you go method

Foto 27-06-16, 09 49 04.jpg

Start by making your first square in any pattern you have chosen (SQUARE A, the green one, in my case). Make a second square (SQUARE B) and crochet until you reach the last round: your are going to make the last round and simultaneously join one of the 4 sides with the previously made square.

First of all, crochet square B until you reach the FIRST CORNER. My corner is made of 2dc, 2ch, 2 dc. So make the first 2 dc in the ch2 space from the previous round, slip stitch into the ch2 space of square A, ch 1:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 00 26

Foto 15-07-16, 09 05 25.jpg

Now make the first of the other 2 dc of corner space, DO NOT REMOVE HOOK FROM LOOP, insert it in the back loop of the first corner dc of square A

Foto 15-07-16, 09 05 47

Foto 15-07-16, 09 05 58

Yarn over and draw hook though the back loop of square A (two loops on hook)

Foto 15-07-16, 09 06 14

yarn over (3 loops on hook), draw hook through two loops

Foto 15-07-16, 09 06 29.jpg

Work every stitch the same way until you get to the corner again, after you work the first 2 dc in corner space, slip stitch into ch 2 space of square A, ch 1 ad continue working as normal. your joined squares will look like this:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 08 21.jpg

Here is another example of a finished round:

Foto 21-05-16, 08 48 42

Like it? Comment and share the crochet love!

Thank you for looking 🙂


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