Crochet “join as you go”… slip stitch joining method

I love crocheting and I can go on for hours without stopping… nevertheless I am a lazy person, so I always try to make myself things easier. One thing that I usually try to spare me is sewing squares together! On the one side, I find sewing tedious, on the other I like to see how my blankets are coming together while my crocheting progresses.

There are many “join as you go” methods, and you can find many tutorials online. I  would like to share with you my two favorites. The first one is a simple “slip stitch” join, it is very popular and yet I have never found a nice tutorial explaining how it works (not that mine is particularly fancy, but I tried!). The second one is a “single crochet” join, which makes a nice “braid” texture, and I came up with it while trying to figure out the first one by myself… lol I will post the second tutorial in the next few days!

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Crochet Slip stitch joining method

This method is super easy and yet gives your work a nice finishing touch, which looks quite much like sewn blankets. I made two small squares, but it works with just any size, what is important is that the squares you intend to join have the same amount of stitches on each side.

Foto 16-07-16, 11 44 46

Start by making your first square in any pattern you have chosen (SQUARE A, the green one, in my case). Make a second square (SQUARE B) and crochet until you reach the last round: your are going to make the last round and simultaneously join one of the 4 sides with the previously made square.

First of all, crochet square B until you reach the FIRST CORNER. My corner is made of 2dc, 2ch, 2 dc. So make the first 2 dc in the ch2 space from the previous round, slip stitch into the ch2 space of square A, ch 1:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 00 26

Foto 15-07-16, 09 01 03.jpg

Now make the first of the other 2 dc of corner space, remove hook from loop, insert it in the back loop of the corresponding corner dc of square A and then in the loop from square B that you just dropped, draw hook through the back loop:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 01 24Foto 15-07-16, 09 01 48Foto 15-07-16, 09 02 18

Work every stitch the same way until you get to the corner again, after you work the first 2 dc in corner space, slip stitch into ch 2 space of square A, ch 1 ad continue working as normal. your joined squares will look like this:

Foto 15-07-16, 09 03 29

Pay attention to your tension while crocheting, if the yarn is too loose it will look weird, if it is too tight your squares will wrinkle… it gets better with practice!

Foto 15-07-16, 09 04 44

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