bye september – hello october!

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Hi everyone!
How are you? I’ve been very busy with work again, I have so many deadlines, papers to write, conferences to attend… I definitely would like to have a break, and indeed I am going to Venice for the weekend! I’ve been there only once, and many years ago, so I’m eager to visit the city again and spend a couple of days just relaxing and wandering about.

So, September is over… it was definitely a good one 🙂 Yay for October! Only 12 more days to my birthday!

Foto 01-10-14 11 12 28

I haven’t crocheted/knitted much lately, but I have managed to reach square #61 on my Confetti baby blanket! It’s going to look great once it is finished, and I hope to have enough yarn left to make a super cool and wide border. So… 69 squares left, though I’m using 13 yarn colours it’s getting hard to find new colour combos and not repeat any 🙂

Foto 02-10-14 12 06 57

I’ve also started knitting my pullover/tunic/dress (don’t know yet) with the purple yarn. I am using seed stitch for the front and back, and stockinette stitch for the sleeves. I think I am going to change to st st for the whole garment at some point. This is where I’ve got by now, it’s about 5-6 cm, but I’m only wotking on it during lunch breaks.

Foto 02-10-14 10 57 04

I have actually taken inspiration from a pattern I saw on ravelty (not free, sorry). Here it is, just in case you are curious:


I totally adore her choice to knit it in yellow!

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