#crochetmoodblanket2014… catching up!

After much thinking and calculating I have realized that with the 54 squares I had planned to make I would have ended up with a *way* too small blanket… sigh! if you make a blanket, you might want to sneggle into it, no having to pull each corner hoping to fit in, don’t you?
On the other hand, I don’t need a double bed blanket. I MIGHT need one in the future, but definitely not in the next couple of years (unless I don’t meet mr Right and decide to marry straight away, but that seems unlikely!).
So I have decided to do what suits me best, which is I’m going to make 1 square a day until the blanket reaches the desired size and after one project is completed, I will start another. This way I should be able to make several smaller blankets in one year, which I’m planning to give away as presents to family and friends, or which eventually I’m going to sell.
I don’t know if I kind of “killed” the original prompt, but this way it sounds just like so much more fun! 🙂
I had only made 4 squares when I took this decision, which means I have lots of catching up ahead of me! I have managed to get to 20 squares already, so I’m still missing 8 as of today… I hope I’ll be all caught up by the end of the week, so I can start with february just in time.
BTW, the blanket is now going to have 70 squares now!

#crochetmoodblanket2014 catching up!

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