Chocolate Macarons – new baby blanket wip

Hi everyone!

Today i am going to show you my newest work in progress. I have suddenly been struck by inspiration la week and i HAD to go buying some more yarn… do you know the feeling?

i had seen a picture of blue macarons with chocolate filling and they looked so yummy that I had to turn them into a crochet project. The pattern i have chosen isn’t actually reminding of macarons in any way, but well… I still think that the outcome will be interesting.

I don’t have many pics to show so far, though I’m about 50% done. Most of the squares are finished, but I’ll be posting them little by little.

I have chosen 6 colours, in the shades of neutral/tans, cream and blues. I think they fit together well, what about you?


I have 2 squares out of 6 to show you. i think it’s very interesting to see how a different colour oder gives a totally different effect. I am sure that the blanket is going to look beautiful.
Chocolate Macarons - wip

Chocolate Macarons - wip

Once it is finished, this blanket is going to be for sale on my Etsy store. If you are interested in a pre-order or in a cutom order, please just contact me at sakura.crochet.designs[AT]


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