Selecting colours for your projects

Picking the right colours for a knit/crochet project can be quite tricky.

I often find myself staring at pictures of wonderful ripple blankets, granny squares and other things and think “how did they manage to select those colours?!?” since they just seen to be perfectly blending together.

Therefore I have been doing a bit of research to see if there is anything that can actually help.

First, I would say that finding a store that carries a wide range of colours of the same brand can be pretty vital. I know people that manage to beautifully mix and match yarns of different materials and weights, but for me that’s a no go. I could say that it is my personal pet peeve when it comes to crochet. I hate seeing different yarns reflecting the light in different ways, some being matte, some being shiny… when I start a project I usually make sure I have all the yarn I need and that it’s all from the same brand.

Second, I found this very useful and well written explanation of Colour Theory using a colour wheel. If you have never read anything about the topic, I highly recommend you to do so, plus the pictures are pretty self explanatory and will work well for future references.



You can find it at

Third, you can seek for help from professionals 🙂 i have a favourite website for this, that is Design Seeds. They have a large selection of colour palettes based on pictures or moods. They are also very beautifully put together, I love looking through them and imagine what wonderful projects they could be turned into! I’m linking to some of them just so that you can have an idea of what it is all about.





What about you? Do you have any speacial method when it comes to picking out colours for your projects? I’d be very curious to know them!


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