Random :)

I’ve had quite a busy week so far, which is quite funny cause I am done with uni and I haven’t found a job yet, so one would think that i actually have nothing to do all day long… lol

I’m just going to post a couple of pics I took in the past days, nothing special ๐Ÿ™‚

Foto 17-06-13 10 28 05

This is a view of the city I live in, Monza, in northern Italy. The pic was taken at about 2 pm on an extremely hot day… I was melting! ย I was the only person walking by, it looked like a ghost town!

Foto 21-06-13 15 18 21

I was also testing some patterns, since I am looking for inspiration for my next crochet projects. This one is the famous “Squaring the big circle” pattern by Kate Jenks. It was supposed to be a 12″ square (30 cm), but i used a different yarn and a much smaller hook, so in the end it’s about half that size. It’s still pretty big, I must say! I like the pattern, I might use it for a new rug or blanket once i have enough scrap yarn of different colours!

By the way, here is the ravelry link

Foto 21-06-13 21 32 38


And…….. last but not least! i went to a Limp Bizkit concert last night! I used to be a huge fan of them in my early 20’s (so yes, that’s a good 10 years ago) and I took a chance to finally see them live ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a cool concert, I definitely had lots of fun!


2 thoughts on “Random :)

  1. Thank you!
    I’m collecting ideas, but I think I will start seriously thinking about it in a couple of months… summer and wool yarn don’t go together well! eheh

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