Pattern of the week: thinking of… a crochet chain necklace!

You have surely seen them around.

I have spotted many of them in retail stores, as well as on Instagram… chain necklaces with crochet details!

I must admit that I totally love the idea and I’d be eager to give it a try!

I am sharing 2 patterns, one of them is in Dutch, but definitely straight forward if you want to get an idea of the process behind it.


ps: I have decided to make my blog bilingual (english and italian) as much as possible 🙂 i hope you won’t mind!


Sicuramente le avete già viste in giro.

A me è capitato di vederne in alcuni negozi di moda, ma ce ne sono un sacco anche su internet e su Instagram… collane a catena con inserti fatti all’uncinetto!

A me piacciono tantissimo e mi piacerebbe provare a farne qualcuna!

Condivido due pattern, uno dei quali è in olandese, ma è comunque facile capire il procedimento anche solo guardando le foto.


DIY: Crochet Chain Necklaces

by Miss P.

This pattern is not from ravelry, but you can access it here:

Crochet chain necklace

picture by Ravelry User “margotta”


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