Update on a WIP

I have recentrly started a new baby blanket.

I have been looking for inspiration for a while and finally found a pattern I liked ๐Ÿ™‚

I am currently in Austria, dealing with the last bureaucratic things before I finally get my PhD title in June, and I ran out of cream coulored yarn, which is the main colour, so I am just focusing on making the circles. My original plan is to make 48 squares and I have completed 38 so far, so once I come back to Italy I will just have to add 2 rounds of white and then join them together. i am actually so happy with the end result that i might make more and end up with a bigger blanket… who knows! It’s always hard to understand what customers might prefer when it comes to baby blanket sizes. Do you have any advices? Bigger is better? Babies surely outgrow the small ones pretty fast, but who knows…

Anyway, here are some pictures. Please forgive the poor quality, I had to take them with my Iphone ๐Ÿ™‚

So, how do you like it?


Foto 06-05-13 10 50 00 Foto 06-05-13 10 50 10 Foto 06-05-13 10 51 05 Foto 06-05-13 10 51 26


8 thoughts on “Update on a WIP

  1. Small baby blankets are always handy-my children still use one in the car and in the buggy as you don’t want a massive blanket trailing on the ground. Your circles look great.

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