Pattern of the week: thinking of… crochet flowers!

Hi everyone!

It’s time for another Pattern Of The Week! This time I picked a very nice crochet pattern, which could be used for a number of projects, e.g. potholders, pillows, coasters, blankets… or even a purse maybe!

It’s a newly released pattern from Ravelry, which caught my eye straight away!

However, before go on to the POTW, I would like to give you a “heads up” about a pattern I have posted earlier this week. I have messed up something with the post, so probably you got no notification.

The “Not Your Valentine” hat pattern has been released and is now available for free HERE through “Pay with a tweet or Facebook”. If you have neither of them you can still download it from Ravelry, but I would really appreciate your help with spreading the word, thanks!


And now… are you ready for these colorful flowers?


Crochet flower “Elealinda” – free crochet pattern


The pattern is for free, but you need to register to download it.

One thought on “Pattern of the week: thinking of… crochet flowers!

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