Weaving in ends as you go… yes you can!

Hi my dears!

I have a video for you this week… not really a pattern of the week, but rather a tutorial of the week, eheh 🙂

Remember about my striped mittens and the 3847464949 ends to weave in? After finishing the first one I decided I couldn’t be bothered with doing it all over again (lol, that’s why I usually don’t knit anything that comes in a pair!) so I started looking for a tutorial for weaving in ends as you go. I actually could have looked for it waaaay earlier, since it is something that one is always going to need, no matter what, but oh well!

This method works for Stockinette Stitch only, which is what I needed, but it’s pretty neat and I’m sure that with some modifications it could be applied to other stitches as well 🙂

Pics of my finished mittes (yes, FINISHED) will follow 🙂



And, here are my Align Mitts.

Ok ok, I admit it, they still need to be blocked, but the knitting is done 🙂 I’m pretty happy with the result! They look extrememly cheerful, which is nice when you have such foggy days as today…


Foto 29-01-13 09 24 15Foto 29-01-13 09 25 07


As you can see the ends get worked together with the regular stitches and they are not visible from the right side of the work… neat or what? Now on to cutting those tails and giving thoses mitts a good blocking!


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