talking of half-finished projects…

If you check my Flickr stream you will notice that one of the first photos of crocheting projects I have ever posted is this


and it was in May 2009…

This morning, while sorting out one of the last boxes, what did I find??


this is my progress as of today. I haven’t worked on it for a long time now cause… well, I have noticed that my “hand” has changed in the meantime and I seem to crochet much tighter now, so the squares end up being *way* smaller! sigh sigh

The blanket is already pretty big and it could eventually be left the way it is, but I have enough yarn for just as many squares, so what to do?? Using a bigger hook is out of the question, cause I think that the change would be too visible and crocheting more losely is not quite an option cause it doesn’t feel comfortable and looks wonky… aaaaargh!

Here is a good serie of reasons why you should complete projects instead of having them sitting there forever, I guess!


One thought on “talking of half-finished projects…

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