some pics

I haven’t been posting in a while 😦
It’s actually been too hot to think of anything knitting related and i haven’t been feeling too good either. nothing serious, just many changes occurring in my life lately, which leave me little time to actually stick to my resolution of posting here at least once a week.
I have been travelling quite a lot… mainly back home to Italy, but I also visited Vienna for the second time (though I’ve been living in Austria almost 3 years now, I haven’t seen much of it, shame on me!)
I thought I would share some pics… just so that you know that I’m still alive! πŸ˜€

this was taken close to where I live one day while I was jogging πŸ™‚

Sissi, the REAL crafty kitty, who loves stealing wool, but only the expensive one πŸ™‚

Donau Park- Wien/Vienna
A funny view of a skyscraper in Donaupark – Vienna.

Donauturm - Wien/Vienna
The shadow of Donauturm, taken from the top of the tower itself… 200+ meters high, scary thing!

Love in Graz is a serious business :)
Padlocks to be found in Graz. Some of them are HUGE, some pretty odd πŸ™‚ If you don’t know what the whole thing is about, well… some years ago an Italian novel was published. At some point in the story the two lovers hang a padlock on one of the many bridges on river Tevere, in Rome, and throw the key into the river, as to promise themeselves eternal love. The voice has spread, I guess πŸ™‚ If you’re curious about the original (I mean where the story was set) google “Ponte Milvio”, you’ll see some crazy things!

Owl Blythe Hat
Blythe hats!

Into the wild ;)
the park here nearby, where I usually go jogging

Well, anyone else on instagram? I am sakuraxdreaming, by the way… feel free to add me!

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