New baby blanket – WIP – day by day :)

My best friend is pregnant with a boy! How cool is that? I am super excited!
The event had to be celebrated with a blanket, of course 🙂 I started crocheting as soon as she called me to give me the great news… lol
A more complete update about the project is coming soon, but I was sorting out my pics earlier today and I realized I have been taking one each day for this project so far, so I though a “weekly” update would be fun!

What do you think of the squares, by the way? And what about the colour combo? I was a bit scared that lilac and purple would be too girlish for a boy, so I added yellow and green to make it a bit more bold. I think that they work out together well, though the yellow is maybe I bit to strong… isn’t it? well,  I hope that the mum to be will like it!


ps: sorry about the quality of the pics, they have been taken with my phone most of the time)

day 1

New baby blanket - WIP

day 2

baby blanket - WIP - day 2

day 3

baby blanket -WIP - day 3

day 4

Baby Blanket - WIP

day 5

day 5

day 6

day 6


day 7

day 7


3 thoughts on “New baby blanket – WIP – day by day :)

  1. Thanks for picture’s. Look fine, want to make blanket for great grand baby, not on the way yet, am not very fast at this crocheting. What size hook did you use? Also what yarn did you use?

  2. I used a 4.00 mm hook (G size I think) and the yarn is a wool/acrylic blend… it’s called Mondial merinos Extra. I love working with this yarn and I have made many baby blankets with it so far!
    Good luck with making a blanket yourself! I’m sure it will look great!

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