New Ishbel – WIP

Remember I was knitting a “Ishbel” shawl in February which was driving me crazy? lol

Well, after finishing it (I don’t have pics of it sorry… i left it at my mum’s cause i didn’t have the time to block it and was looking all wonky… lol) i decided to make another one for me 🙂 i am not particularly fond of shawls, but I enjoy scarfs and scarflettes, so i figured that I had knitted a “smaller” version of it it would have looked like a nyce textured scarf.

I started the project in February, when knitting a scarf was still making sense, but sice i got pretty busy in the meantime I had to put it by side… now that it’s almost April I am feeling a bit demotivated about going on with it, but I’m confident that if I hold on to it. I’ll have a cool scarf to wear in autumn just in the right colours 🙂

The last time that i went to Italy in February I bought 3 skeins of kauni yarn in super cool colorways 🙂 One going from some greyish white to purple, one in the tomes of oranges and browns which remind of autumn leaves, and one  in purple-brown-caramel… oh, they’re so beautiful that it’s almost a pity to knit that yarn!

Kauni yarn

I picked the middle one for my Ishbel shawl… I just came around to finish the first pattern repetition… but I love how it’s turning out!

Ishbel Shawl in Kauni - WIP

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