Blocking knit/crochet garments

Have you ever wondered how to block knit garments??
I must say that I knit mostly hats and other small accessories which don’t require much care, and I tend to avoid blocking them as long as it’s possible simply cause the whole blocking procedure pretty much scares me!

Remember when I mentioned having almost finished my Glitter Shrug after months of dead boring stockinette stitch? Well, I DID finish it and after reading a couple of tutorials I found online I decided it needed to be blocked… well, I don’t know what I did wrong, but it “gained” at least 2 sizes and it’s huge!!! I have decided to try and block it again, hoping that the cat will avoid sleeping on the wet garment this time 🙂 so I have been looking for more tutorials and I found this video which turned out to be more helpful than many others I read.


Do you have a fave tutorial that you’d like to share?


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