Pattern of the week: thinking of… pin cushions!

I’m a pretty chaotic person, always engaging in more activities than my time would allow and always thinking of starting some new project, no matter if it is cooking marmalade, knitting a jumper or reorganising the clothes in my wardrobe! This also means that all my tools, pins, needles and jars tend to be wandering around the house in a pretty random way 🙂

When I saw this pattern I thought “what a cute idea!” jars and pins together…. I can can put together my lack of time for cooking marmalades and my unorganized way of storing buttons and other supplies and maybe make something cute out of it!

So here it is, as simple as it is…. but the simple things are making people happy, aren’t they?

Pin cushion on top of a jar

by Janette Williams

(pics from Ravelry, not mine)



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