update on xmas projects

I’m done with my Cafè au Lait mitts!

Very proud of me for finishing them so early and just in time for Xmas 🙂 Lots of wool was left, so i decided to engage into making the Milanese Loop as well! I wanted to make the hat at first, but mum doesn’t wear hats that much, so I thought a cowl would make a better present 🙂

Cafè au lait mitts - finished

Cafè au lait mitts - finished

Worked the exact same amount of stitches, with same needles and same wool, still the second one I made turned out slighlty smaller than the other one! It’s not that visible, but it still bothers me lol I undid the last row of the bigger one and now it’s less visible, hope mum won’t notice!

I stated knitting the Milanese Loop with the same needles I used for the mittens (3,5) since my gauge was right. I knitted the garther stitch border and the first 10 rows of the pattern, but then noticed that it was going to be too small and a bit too stiffy for my taste, so I frogged it and started all over with size 4 needles and now it’s muuuuch better! The pattern is very easy to remember and I really like how it looks, though it would probably look better if knitted in a solid colour yarn 🙂 Still happy with the result so far! (pic depicts 6 rows of garther stitch and first 7 rows on pattern, knitted a bit more since I took it!)

Milanese Loop - WIP

What do you think?


Knitted in


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