Pattern of the week: thinking of… mittens!

It’s getting cold here and Christmas is approaching, so what could be better than knitting mittens???

I have knitted a pair of Fetching Mitten for my mum last year, but she lost them while moving houses and have been complaining ever since, so I decided to make her another pair, this time in a more challenging pattern. Here is the one I picked… enjoy!

Cafe au Lait Mitts

by Paula MacKeever

I bought some self striping wool in the store down the road. They unlukily don’t have a big selection and their prices are on the edge of illegality, but this one looked quite nice and affordable. Being sock yars it’s a bit “stiffy”, but it’s 100% wool so at least it should be warm.

Cafe au lait mittens from ravelry

I have been busy with work lately, so not much time for knitting at usual, but they seem to work up pretty fast!

2 thoughts on “Pattern of the week: thinking of… mittens!

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