Pattern of the week: thinking of… shrugs!

I think I’m going through a “shrug” period.

I can’t wait to finish my Glitter Shrug and wear it with pride, hoping that it will be my first wearing worth finished project. lol

I have saved many shrug patterns over the last months, but my fave somehow remains this one

Easy Lace Shrug #80064AD

(credit for the picture goes to Lion Brand Yarn)

I think that this lace pattern is just lovely, and since I haven’t tried lace yet, it seems like a good chance to start! I have some very cool dark green yarn that my mum gave me as a present which would probably be perfect for it… the problem is that green is not exactly one of my fave colours, or to better say, I find it hard to wear it.

I was thinking this shrug would actually look good in grey, I’ll see how much of it I have left once I finish my 5$ in Paris, which I still think that I should frog, thoug just one sleeve is now missing. lol


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