I’m working on a couple of knitting projects at the same time. Surprise!

That doesn’t make it easy to finish any of them, but I get easily bored when it comes to making anything bigger than a hat, so I like to work on everything different every evening ๐Ÿ™‚

I came to the point though where I have no more free cables, so I think i will have to complete any of them before I engage myself into some new knitting adventure!

Here it’s what I’m working on

This is my version of 5$ in Paris

I cast on less stitches then it called for in order to have a less wide neck, but it still turned out pretty wide (though my gauge fitted, I wonder how wide should it have been then???). I picked this colour combination cause it looked cool to me, but now that I’m almost done with it I’m not that sure anymore! lol I just need to do the bottom rib and finish the sleaves… I hope I will be able to finish it before it gets too cold to wear a sleeveless pullover ๐Ÿ™‚ and considering that I cast it on feb. 1st 2011 I’m not counting on it too much… I’m such a slow knitter!

I also kind of screwed up the waistline decrease, I hope to be able to post pics of the finished product soon, though it already smells like “frogging” to me! lol


I’m also working on the Glitter Shrug

(Picture is obvoiusly not mine, credit goes to the Lion Brand Yarn Website)

I haven’t even bothered taking a picture yet, but I just need to knit about 10 cm more or so. I am using a very cool unknown blue yarn which will surely look cool with jeans and some tshirt under it. I actually can’t wait to finish it, but it’s still quite a lot of stockinette stitch to go.


I’m wondering what do other knitters do… do you actually wait to complete a project before starting a new one?


3 thoughts on “WIP’s

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