Knitting for Blythe

Lately I got involved in Blythe dolls, ever heard of them? They’re japanese dolls with a huge head and multicolour eyes 🙂 I find them pretty creepy and at the same time extremely cute.

Due to their high price I have only 2 and I am not planning on buying any other. I wouldn’t want to turn something that costs over 100€ into a dust catcher, but I think that if they had cost less I would have bought many more! I wish I could have one with some fantasy hair colour, like hot pink or celeste 🙂


As soon as i got the first one (which I named Pumpkin) I started knitting and crocheting for her… I enjoy it so much! The relative small size allows me to complete projects pretty quickly and those dolls are surely fashionistas, as they are able to embody so many personalities.


Here are some completed projects… enjoy!


aurora blythe hat

tundra blythe hat

A Blythe Basque

Be a Star - hat

Blythe hat giveaway!

snowdrop set

Fruit Punch Hoodie

Forest Fruit Hoodie for Blythe

Raspberry Blythe Beret

Howl knitted hat for Blythe -WIP

***Some patterns are mine, some are courtesy of Ravelry***

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