Secret Garden – baby blanket

Hi everyone!
So… here I am trying to keep my promise of posting  at least once every two weeks 🙂

My crocheting/knirring mood has been suffering a bit lately. My job makes me so tired that I find myself each eveining vegetating in front of the TV instead of even thinking of completing any of my 1838475658690 works in progress. lol

In October my bf and I got a kitten – Sissi – and she quickly became the biggest fan of my knitting attempts 🙂 She specially loves my wool and would try any possible trick to steal any of my skeins and unravel it all around the house 🙂 by luck she’s turning 1 year soon and she’s slowly getting much calmer, so I have finally found some peace to start working on my hobbies again 🙂

So my first posts will be a recap of what I have knitted and crocheted lately 🙂

Back in October 2009 when I visited my parents, my mum surprised me with a nice birthday present: a cool selection of nice and soft wool yarns in purple and green tones. Thanks mum! 🙂
I had the inspiration of making another baby blanket out of them, though there aren’t any babies coming (as far as I know!), but I still could try and sell it, which I did at a totally fair price

About 2 years ago I bought this book
200 Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets: Knitted and Crocheted Designs for Crib Covers, Shawls and Afghans by Jan Eaton

and I found some of the patterns to be prettycool, though I mush say that the patterns contain many mistakes which would be pretty hard to spot for a total beginner.

This is what I came out with 🙂 I was so happy with it that I didn’t want to sell it, but it wouldn’t have made much sense if I had kept it, right? And I can still make another one whenever I want 🙂

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie

Secret Garden Blankie


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