where do you store your hooks?

My mum and I attended a knitting course on saturday… As far as I love crocheting, I am 100% knitting impaired. Still, I realized it was time for me to challenge the very hated needles and make something slightly more complicated than a scarf. We ended up being at the course for 8 hours and in the evening my arms and back were so sour!
As a matter of fact, we didn’t do anything special the following day. The weather was weird and we just wanted to rest, so we started surfing the net a bit. Many of the girls who had attended the course with us had some super cool needles and hooks cases, where all the supplies were nicely displayed and easy to reach.

I have been crocheting only for a little over a year now and as things started I hadn’t taken it too seriously… being knitting impaired I thought crocheting couldn’t go any better… but slowly, as things started developing, I managed to put together a fair hook collection, plus other random supplies.
The problem is that until now I hadn’t found anything better than an old eyeglasses box tied with a hairband to store in my hooks!

Not-so-glamourous crochet collection

As you can see it’s not so glamorous 🙂 In one year I managed to collect all kinds of odds inside it… including 0,10 €, paillettes that I’ll probably never use, paper clips and even a chipkey!

So mum and I started googling for possible solutions and we found crochet hooks rolls! I had seen them before (like the one from CLOVER, that unfortunately costs half a fortune here in Italy), but the idea of making one myself never crossed my mind, since… you know… I’m also sewing impaired! 😀 Luckily enough, though, my mum is a stylist and she offered to help me sewing one on my own, so we picked some cute japanese-style fat quarters and…. ta-daaaaaaa!

I has a roll!

Crochet hooks roll - open

Crochet hooks roll - closed

Crochet hook roll - detail

I am so extremely proud of myself! I was in panic during the whole machine sewing procedure, but we all survived it and no one got hurt, so yay!

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