Great Granny – Blanket

Hi everyone!
Long time no see, eh? I just have been so busy with Uni lately, that my crocheting inspiration is totally gone. I find myself each evening vegetating in front of the TV instead of even thinking of completing any of my 1838475658690 works in progress. lol

Anyway, I’m on holidays for 3 weeks now during the Easter time (from lessons, but not from homework… sigh!) and I thought it would be cool to spend it with my family back in Italy. I was already preparing to enjoy the warm and sunny weather, but… oh well, it’s been raining cats and dogs since I’ve arrived 😦 I really hope the weather will get better buy thursdays, since I absolutely NEED to visit the yarn stand at the weekly market. I have just started making a new blanket out of sudden inspiration yesterday, but let’s say that having only 1 skein for each colour of this wonderful yarn I bought back in Feb. didn’t really help.

So, I am proud to announce that after a whole long “crochetless” month… inspiration stroke back last night! Here is what i suddely felt the urge to crochet…

Great Granny Blanket - WIP

… a HUGE granny square! I had actually in mind to make some flowers, but once I chained the first 4 stitches, it came clear to me that it was going to be a blanket! lol

This square measures about 30 cm and I was thinking of making at least 9 (though I’m not a big fan of squared blankets) or 12… what do you suggest?? I wouldn’t like it to be too big, just some comfort rough to warmly watch a movie or crochet. So what would the perfect size for you be? Help! 🙂

Great Granny Blanket - WIP

Great Granny Blanket - WIP

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