Hexagon ♥ blanket, day 2

I finally got my blanket back from my mother in law. I am slightly disappointed cause she insisted so much to have it there for a week, so that she could learn to weave ends in and?? She did nothing! So I basically lost a whole week of crocheting for it, which is actually nothing special cause I run out of yarn and I will have to wait till friday to buy more skeins, but still… I told her I was in a hurry with it, cause I am working on several projects at the same time. Bah

I only bought one of each colour to start with, so that I could see how much yarn the blanket would eat up, and I’m pretty amazed that with 5 skeins I managed to make 36 hexagons! If I am not wrong, which could be since I am terrible at maths, with 4 skeins of each colour I should reach the quota of 140 hexagons 🙂

Hexagon <3 blanket, day 2

Hexagon <3 blanket day 2

– Starting date: October 16th 2009
– Finishing date (ext): anytime before Xmas!!!
– Number of hexagons according to project: 140
– Number of hexagons made so far: 36

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