Hexagons make me happy :) (day 1)

Hey everyone!
Did you miss me? lol I have been crocheting like crazy lately, so much that I think I’ll need a wrist/elbow transplant soon :) I have just decided to take a couple of days off from my crocheting fever to rest my back a bit, so here I am with a couple new post and funny projects to show you!

Remember my previous post about Hexagons ?

Well, my obsession not only didn’t fade away, but it got even increased by discovering the creative talent of Attic24:

Ta-dah! It's finished!

In a sudden creativity explosion I decided to make such a blanket (but more a knee rug actually) for my mum this Xmas.
I went buying some yarn the other day with my boyfriend but I totally *effed* it up. Our livingroom in Italy is all in neutral colours, cream, orange and coffee brown, so I figured such a colour combination would be an asset for the blanket as well.
My fave yarn store in Maribor (Slovenia) didn’t have ANY of those colours in a soft bulky yearn which would make the blanket something affordable and easy to make. So I bought just one orange, brown and cram skein of wool/acrylic blend to try and well, I really didn’t like the result. The hexagons were stiffy and riculously small. I would have needed 3 years to come out with anything in the size of a blanket! So I went back to the store the following day and I got to change the yarn I didn’t use. I decided to change colours completely and went for a sweet pink, turquese, cream, purple and green. I thought that choosing 5 colours for a pattern that requires 4 for each hexagon would give me a nice turnover without adding too many colours and I think I was right!

Hexagon blanket, day 1

These are the 20 hexagons I made in a 24 hours crocheting marathon 🙂 Considering that I also ate, slept and went to the cinema watching Julie & Julia in the meantime (eheh) I think they work quite fast! What do you think? Any feedback on the colour choice? I am pretty proud of the fact that so far no hexagon is looking like another.

I left the blanket at my in laws on Sunday, so no more crocheting until next Friday. My mother in law insisted on having it there to learn weaving in ends, so well, I thought I’d share some of the fun 🙂

I also thought I’d make a list of “project stats” from now on… so here they are:

– Starting date: October 16th 2009
– Finishing date (ext): anytime before Xmas!!!
– Number of hexagons according to project: 140
– Number of hexagons made so far: 23

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