Pot holders… first attempt

Remember when I bought new cotton yarn in July cause I wanted to make pot holders?

Well, I just realized I had failed to post pictures… then after I had a look at them I finally realized why *shame*

Pot holders!

I really HATE how the sewing line shows through them. I know that there are ways to make it invisible, but it didn’t look so bad at the time, so I said let’s go for it anyway.
The co-worker I had made them for really liked them though, so that was at lest a good outcome 🙂
The pic is pretty bad, still the colours looked pretty much good together. My fave is the one on the left. For some optical mistery the one on the right seems bigger, but they are exactly the same size… weird!


One thought on “Pot holders… first attempt

  1. Those are nice. I want to crochet some dish towels. Keep up the good work and you’ll be a pro in no time.


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