Hexagon <3

I had a new afghan project in mind (before I started the one I’m working on right now… see next post!) so I was making experiments with hexagons. I really like the way they look when sewed together and they make quite an interesting design 🙂

I joined the Flickr group hexagon love a while ago and it’s been super inspiring!
I loved the blankets, as this one by mundo a cores
Day 3
Such a blanket could really cheer you up on a bad day 🙂 I have in mind to make such a cool one in the future, I just need to find the right colours!

Anyway, my absolutely faves are the ones by sarah london textiles
colourful hexagons
She is a true artist and her works are so bright and colourful!

So, as you can see, I’m an hexagon freak and I had to try and make at least one!
The pattern is really easy actually, not much different from a normal afghan square…
My first crocheted exagon
I used 2 random colours from my stash, since this is just a try, but I’m pretty happy with the pattern I came up with, cute eh?

I’m going to start my first hexagon blanket as soon as I finish the 2 ones I’m working on right now!


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