Yarn shopping and more crocheting

I went yarn shopping the other day 🙂
I was feeling a bit down cause of the terrible weather (it’s been snowing and/or raining since early Nov. now… sigh) and I needed to cheer myself up with some sparkly colours.
I took a chance to buy some skeins for whitedomino @ Ravelry.com for the 10$ swap, but I had to get me this super soft merino/acrylic wool yarns too!!

New yarn

which I have used to knit myself a hat (yes, AGAIN!). My mum said the hat seems to be too small once more. After the big Puff Hat failure (more about that in a following post), I must say I’m pretty disappointed. I try to follow the pattern and also keep track of the gauge, so I don’t really know what’s wrong.

Crocheted hat
Pattern: The Darling Diva’s Snow Day Hat @ Ravelry.com

Do you think it looks too small?

I used the same yarn to crochet a pair of fingerless mittes and I totally adore them!! These are super soft and warm, and finally I managed to make something the way it was supposed to be 🙂 eheh

First crocheted mittens
Pattern: Lacy Fingerless Gloves by Christie Pruitt @ Ravelry

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