Crochet Afghan

My first ever crocheting project has been an Afghan Blanket… just to start it off easy, eh? I had never held a hook in m hands before, but with my mum’s help I learnt quite easily.

It took me a while to understand how to slip stitch the ends on every rond and my first squares where a total mess, but in the end I came up with about 70 squares in less than 2 months!

It all started after seeing such pictures on Flickr and then feeling the crave for a self made blanket straight after:

So yay! there we go!
I bought myself some random colours yarns for my birthday. I didn’t have a specific pattern in mind (mistake!), I just wanted it to be very colourful and to have a majority of pink/green shades to match my bedroom’s colours.

Granny Squares - Crocheting

These are the very first “granny squares” I made. My hand seemed to be pretty tight from the beginning, so i needed 9 rounds to do what usually doesn’t take more than 5 or 6 rounds to be finished. i eneded up buying myself a new bigger hook to save both time and yarn.

After a month or so, this is what my blanket was looking like:
You can clearly see the difference between the first and second “era” squares. i was a bit scared the outcome would be a bit odd in the end, but I must say it’s not that bad after all.

Once I made all the squares (64!) it was time to crochet the black borders – which made the original colours much brighter. I am happy I didn’t go for a brown border as I had originally planned.
The work was fairly quick and I could finally sew the whole work together!
Afghan blanket update #2

Here are the first 4 joint rows:
Afghan blanket update #2
I sewed the first 4 rows so far. Some of the squares got mixed up in the process – don’t ask me how – so I have some colours repeating… sigh. It’s my very first attempt at sweing anything, so you can see how some of the squares aren’t centered… I decided not to fix that in the end. I think it somehow makes my first attempt more precious, and also taught me better for the next time!

And now… here is the finished product on my bed… tadaaaa!
Finished Afghan
I still want to add a cute border around it, but I haven’t picked one that I like yet… I’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “Crochet Afghan

  1. This afghan is a case study in understatement. A simple cluster stitch border in black, which you’ve used as the main color, should suffice. I love the bold colors and extra-large motifs.

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